Monday, December 31, 2012

Throughout 2012

My life after SPM starts. Went to Alamanda and saw Qi with a few film crew. Addicted to Bubz, Rikeh and Leon. Knowing Rikeh. Loving the couple Lee Dong Wook and Lee Si Young in Wild Romance. Freaking out about driving test. Admiring Ailee. I watched Dream High 2. Amazed by R when blogwalking. Chubbi is cute and I want a dog. Loving blogwalking more. What makes One Direction beautiful. Enjoying with Chonny. New youtuber I met. First time online shopping. Mom taught me to cook. Q&A with Rikeh. Reblogged from StillNotDavid. VIVA crush. Found VIVA. The starting of a new chapter being a colleague kid. Welcome Unisel. Waiting for the right guy. First choral speaking. Meet the housemates. Watched The Strongest KPOP Survival and loving Go Eun Ah. Remembering Stacie, Cassie and Jojo. Departure of Hwayoung from T-ARA. Hey, I just met Darren and Chonny's new channel; KpopChonny. Unfinished list. Eid's and randoms. Tryin' and wanna be shopaholic. Another korean drama with pretty boys; Ma Boy. Boring semester break 1. A letter to Ben. This year being sick and away from family. Domino's and Samsung Tab. Finally eighteen. Confused with that guy. The first and last goal. The starting of Polyvore madness. What I've been thinking for next year. Being silly with GIF. Housemates madness moment. Burger King, turtle and comics. The last adventure with fellow kindergarten mates for this year. 

May everything turns more exciting in 2013. I welcome you with a warm hug, 2013.

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