Saturday, January 21, 2012

a day at ALAMANDA

           finally ! i'm out from the house to go some place else. huh ! it was a huge relieved to go outside and see the world. it's such a beautiful world. lately i've been bugging my parents telling them that i need to buy a new purse. i seriously need one. really need it because i don't have one.  but now i've got it ! it was a success for me getting this purse. i think it was cute enough for me so i just grabbed it without knowing the price. when i'm about to pay, i realized it was RM45.00. well, what the heck, when will i be able to  get other chance to buy this cute purse. so i just pay the lady and she was so happy that i purchase the purse. god bless you, lady.


not forgetting, while there i saw Qi Razali. the blogger boy. hohoho but i'm not exited at all. they were shooting for an upcoming Tv9 upcoming series.


Qi at alamanda.picture

whatever it is, i have a nice day today ^^

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