Monday, September 10, 2012

semester 1 break blogging day #1

hello, fellow minions :)
so now is my semester 1 break. currently on a 3 weeks holidays
yeah! gonna enjoy myself in this 3 weeks doing fun stuff
at first i decide to vlog my daily routine during the sem break but
instead i'll just blog about it. not very good doing vlog
infact, i've never done one
maybe i'll try it later. when i get a new video cam
(ps: i love the outfit above. cute and adorable, right >.<)

woke up at 9 am after my dad wakes me up because he's going to work
went straight to the bathroom just to wash my face and brush my teeth
it was a freezing morning because it was raining in the morning
had my breakfast (couple of bread with potatoes and tea)
surprisingly, Hot In Cleveland was at 10 am and i watched it
(i miss watching that series because i like watching Joy Scroogs)
(she have gorgeous hair, tall and have sexy British accent)
(i hope to be like her, one day)
then, tweet some stuff and saw R's tweet about beautiful skinny girls
i got up and started doing random exercise. i don't even know what i was doing
exercising about half an hour and then cool down myself (shower)

it's already 12.30 pm and i'm tumblr-ing instead of having lunch
i was alone at home. nobody's home. just me and myself
i'm still not hungry. so, just keep on updating my tumblr
found a bunch of cute pictures and re-blogging it
tumblr-ing until 1.30 pm. it's time to pick up le sista and le cousin from school
snapped a picture. yeah, i think i'm fat >.<

i've waited for le sista and cousin for almost an hour. it was already 2 pm
tired of waiting. i called my dad. he said le sista and cousin finish school at 2.30 pm
i went home. just a waste of time >:(
grab my lunch. ouh yeah, i'm starving
about 2.30 pm, le sista and cousin came back from school
le uncle picked them at the bus stop at BC
yeah, i was about to pick them after lunch but le uncle showed up before me
(tomorrow, i'm thinking of picking them at 3 pm. hahaha >:))
(let them wait for me)
watched Victorious at 4 pm
(ouh, i miss Cat, Tori, Beck, Jade, Robbie, Trina, Jade and Andre)
(it's been almost three month i haven't seen them)
Cat, Tori and Beck are my favourite
then, iCarly at 4.30 pm
it was the 'Sam liking Fredy' episode
anyway, i like watching Spencer
(he's tall >.<)
after that, it was Big Time Rush
(Kendal :))

at 7 pm, everyone was already at home. the house once again is filled with people
although it's just my dad, my mom, le sista, lil bro and me
i'm happy that everyone's arrived home safely
dinner at 8 pm while watching the news
(i was waiting the news about my 'big problem and have lots of debts' university)
(but unfortunately there was none)
later, i opened up the lappy and started blogging this
ouh wait! i was tumblr-ing first
then i search for My Husband Got A Family drama
i wanna download all the episodes
(there are 55 episodes. so many episodes !)
episode 1 is still in process of downloading
and then i started to blog
basically, nothing interesting happens today
i need to start planning for tomorrow
okey, BYYEEE 

semester 1 break blogging day #1 done !

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