Wednesday, July 25, 2012

reminiscing back

child, children, coca, coca cola, coke

listening to Cassie's song while blogging this
yesterday i stayed up all night youtube-ing old songs 
songs that brings back the memories of my life
i still remember when i used to listen to Stacie Orrico, Cassie and Jojo
i dunno why i stop listening back then
then, suddenly, yesterday my housemates played one of Cassie's song
that just recalls the memories back to my mind
listening to these kinda songs back at 2006
i was like 12 years old back then
at that time, kpop is still not spreading at my hometown
so listening to Cassie, Jojo and Stacie are just like great
so, today after class, i came back home
and went to sleep -..-'
after break fasting, open up the lappy and start downloading all the songs
- ditto (loving it)
- me and you (this song really reminds me of something, it's just that i dunno what. there's something about this song)

Stacie Orrico
- i'm not missing you (i love this song back then)

- superstar (totally my favourite, used to know all the lyrics)


Cassie- Ditto Lyrics

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