Sunday, March 18, 2012

youtube walking


lately i've been at youtube searching for some new channel. new videos to watch instead of Rikehtube and Bubbiosity. some info, Bubbiosity and Rikehtube currently editing their new video. so, i can wait for the newest video. jyeah, i found a few channels and apparently all of them are guys ! and asian ! i dunno why buy i'm so into asian guys. they looks cute in many way. no matter what they do, they seem very cute and i like it . here the list of the new channel that amused me !

          1. YoshiEatsWasabi

his name is Yoshi Shirogawa ? i guess. i don't really remember. but it sounds the same. 
                              1. he's funny
                              2. good looking 
                              3. Japanese
                              4. my kinda type

          2. mychonny

i dunno his name but he call himself chonny. so, i called him chonny. ASIAN dudes ! but beware of the language. don't use it at home.

                              1. he is totally hilarious !
                              2. chubby face :D

          3. StillNotDavid

he reminds me of a friend. i mean, the look, his face, the complexion, body type. exactly just like my friend. its just that, David is much more better looking than him. hehehe. sorry A <-- that is my friend. the name start with letter A.

                              1. he cute 
                              2. he's tall
                              3. he sings
                              4. great voice 

# check out the Big Bang Cover Contest that he and his friend enters. currently now they rank at number 4. awesome !

later ~

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