Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I gotta do what I have to do

So last weekend I went to Cameron Highland for holiday with my family. It was fun but cold *can't stand the coldness* I just can't bear being there for one more day. The picture above is me at the top of the BOH tea plantation. Yes, you can only see grass all over but I'm really at the top, I can see almost everything from there and the view was pretty much awesome. Okay, cut the Cameron trip. I'll blog about it later just not now, kinda lazy actually.

So, I've been thinking to make 'a goal for the week' thingy. Means, every week I have some goals to achieve. I just randomly thought about it, kinda quirky though but I still wanna do it. Okay, I'll start doing it tomorrow

First goal : wears baju kurung to class everyday, from 28 Nov - 4 Dec 

Well that's just simple and easy I guess. We'll just see about it whether I do it or not ;) If I don't complete my goals, I'll fine myself RM1 *Hehehe yeah right*

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