Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New List To Cross

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Doing the best in Foundation. Nineteen and doing degree. Be a morning person. Sleep early. Lose lots of weight. Redesign my mind. Keep my hair longer. Getting my Samsung Galaxy Note. Full set of makeup kit. Have a boyfriend again. Get to drive far away from home. Learn to cook. Paint my nails yellow. Buy myself a cute table lamp. Stretch my legs apart. Buy myself pumps and Dr. Martens. Being able to roller blade. Dye my hair. Jeans size 26. Adventures with fellow high school friends. Went to a trip with friends in a van. Buy a Polaroid camera. Record myself singing my favorite song. Make a video for my friend. Collect more books, not just teen novels. Make a scrapbook that's full of memory about us. Being able to talk in Korean a bit. Enjoy the beach without feeling afraid. Make myself my own pillow.

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