Saturday, August 11, 2012

DarrenTP and kpopchonny

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hello back, readers!
i'm back :D
you guys know Chonny, right?
that youtuber from Australia
he have several channel at youtube
yeah, i know. so many channel
i only subscribe mychonny and chonnyday
in mychonny, he makes funny videos. so does in yourchonny
but i just subscribed mychonny. why? I Don't Know!!!!! (beast-fiction ^__^)
and chonnyday is where he vlog about himself, what he's been doing all day
i just love it when he vlog. it's just like he's doing his hilarious video 

so last night, while at youtube, watching a bunch of kpop cover
(yes, i do love kpop)
i came across his new channel
looks like it's not new at all
it has been a few month since it was made
kpopchonny, where he do his kpop talks and reactions
and i'm loving it
(i don't know he was so into kpop)
(all that i know that he do love Jessica from SNSD)
well, good for him and i SUBSCRIBED HIM!
yeah! i like it when he likes kpop too *high five, chonny!

he also made kpop parodies
there's just only 2 (for now, hoping that he will do more)

see that blonde dude up there 
i'm starting to adore him. why? now i have the answer
i'm just totally attracted to blonde guys
blonde guys are like magnet to me
if they can dance and have black, brown or any other colour hair, i'll just say "ouh, great"
but if they're blonde, i'm like, "OHMAIGAWD!!!!! THIS DUDE IS BLONDE! I LIKE HIM! TOTALLY INTO YOU!"
yeah, imagine that situation yourself
i'll be like crazy liking over him just because he's blonde
Chonny told to subscribe this blonde dude
and i was like,"HELL YEAH I WILL!"
when i opened his channel, i saw his SJ-Sexy,Free & Single dance cover
click it and falling over him
"HE CAN DANCE! HE'S BLONDE! HE'S ASIAN! HE'S TALL. PERFECT! another favourite youtuber. thanks, Chonny!"

hoping to see him dance more cover
and i've started following him at Twitter
liked his fanpage at Facebook
here's his youtube channel
ouh, and one more thing
 it has giving me joy all day long thinking about it
hey, Darren :D

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