Sunday, January 29, 2012

hey, RIKEH !!

RIKEH, BUBZ not so little brother

            you still remember this dude. yeah, this is Rikeh ( pronounce as Ricky ). Bubz brother. from the last post i told you guys that i'm 'stalking' Bubz website. well, from that 'stalking' activity, i've got to know Rikeh's youtube channel that is Rikehtube and it was a blast ! i mean the hilarious videos that he made with some of his friends and including Leon too ( his dorky cousin ). this one video caught me and my sister  attention. it's about THE REAL BUBZBEAUTY. the video reveals Bubz's split personality. it shows how Bubz treat him as a brother.

          this is what his youtube channel looks like. recently,  he upload a new video. i guess 6 hours ago and of course i have already watched it. he looks so cute. IDK why i'm soo into guy with cute faces. it's just naturally in me. although he's cute but he's cool. a cool guy to hang out with. his accent is so different and makes me want to hear more of him speaking. hahaha !!! but seriously i like this guy. by watching his videos, i can see his cute side and his manly side ( where is his manly side? . . . . still searching . . .it's somewhere in the videos. really !! )to view his channel click here --> o__0

          this is the video that i was talking about. The REAL Bubzbeauty. realize the real word is in capital letter,  he really means it about her ( Bubz do not act like that in Bubzbeauty. . she have always been gentle in her Bubzbeauty and kind awkward to see her like that ). just watch the video. 

later ~

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