Friday, February 10, 2012

Driving School computer test is making me CRAZY!

         when i was 13, i had always wanted to ride motorcycle but that desire changed. at 15, my friend died at a motorcycle accident with a bus and last year my classmate also die while riding her motorcycle. she was hit by a car from the back. the saddest part is she died on my birthday. now, that's just awful to think about. whatever it is, i know that motorcycle doesn't give much protection. so i decided to drive a car.

        seeing my friends getting their drivers' licenses makes me want to have one. i'm so eager to drive a car at this time but to drive the car at the road. . first, i have to have a drivers' license. to have the license, i have to go through many challenges. 

1. hear a talk about THINGS related
2. pass the computer test
3. past the practical test
4. past the 'on road' test

       i'm now currently at number 2. no, i'm between 1 and 2. i have heard the talk and now studying for the test. to past, i have to get at least 84%. whoa ~ that's a high percentage. well, just hope i pass it. 

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