Thursday, May 24, 2018

Lifelong Checklist

  1. Road trip.                               
  2. Join a club.       
  3. Start a journal.
  4. Writing letters.
  5. Go to a concert.           
  6. Make new goals.
  7. Stay up all night.
  8. Change your hair.
  9. Get outside more.
  10. Thank your family.
  11. Keeping a journal.
  12. Eat something new.
  13. Attending a funeral.
  14. Attending a wedding.
  15. Stand up for yourself.
  16. Open a bank account.
  17. Trying something new.
  18. Conquer one of your fear.
  19. Shut down media social.
  20. Sending thank-you notes.      
  21. Stand up for someone else.
  22. Wear something ridiculous.     
  23. Buying flowers for yourself.
  24. Re-doing your entire closet.
  25. Making a semi-big purchase.  
  26. Accomplish one of your big goals.
  27. Discovering your “signature drink.”  
  28. Comforting yourself when you cry.
  29. Feeling like you’ve found a soul mate.
  30. Standing in the rain without an umbrella.    
  31. Owning a plant without accidentally killing it.
  32. Make friends with someone outside of your circles.  
  33. Trying the one food that has always grossed you out.          
  34. Owning an animal (even a hamster) and caring for it as well.
  35. Intentionally taking pictures of yourself from your “bad angle.”
  36. Taking a thousand pictures with your best friend, and keeping all of them.
  37. Spending a whole weekend afternoon just walking, with no particular destination in mind. 
  38. Fixing something yourself, even something as simple as a broken curtain rod or lampshade.
  39. Getting really into a new TV show, and spending an entire weekend watching the whole thing.
  40. Buying yourself a big pizza, eating as much of it as you want, and not feeling like you’re a bad person for it.