Thursday, October 25, 2012

beautiful night

today is just happy. i woke up late as usual but kinda hate it. i'm hoping to wake up early when i'm at home (yes, i'm at home right now) but didn't make it. afternoon was so warm and that kept me awake. i did some chores around the house and played The Sims Social game at Facebook. i've been playing the sims game a lot recently. it's so addicting. 

late at the evening, i did a lil bit exercising with my sister. we played badminton, then try volleyball and then dad joined us played volleyball. after a while, we had a little badminton match. dad against me and my sister. just a friendly match and hell yeah i sweat a lot but it was nice. not the sweat though, what i mean is being healthy again by exercising. i have fun exercising today because it was with my sister and my dad and i love it!

night comes, we decide to go to Giant but to no avail because it was fully packed! so, we decide again and went to Domino's to have pizza for dinner. awesome dinner but i prefer Pizza Hut more. overall, today is just lovable.

i'll just end this with pictures. here's some picture for today :

waiting for Alang

me with Alang

at Domino's stairway 

me looking short and small eyes

bought this at Guardian and met my besties, Yana. she's working there. i miss laughing with her.

i'm Garnier user

ouh, by the way, my Angah just got a Samsung Tab 2. awesome for her.

it's not really that big

compared to my new CLEO

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