Thursday, February 9, 2012

Korean Drama // Crazy For Wild Romance

back when i was in high school,  i was dying to finish watching korean drama that i currently viewing at that time. unfortunately, i don't have the time for that due to my busyness for SPM (big exam that determine MY FUTURE) but now i finally can finished this new KDRAMA that just started in KBSW channel. i am super exited at this story. there are so many unexpected scene in it.

the drama is title with "Wild Romance". i am loving the main cast LEE DONG WOOK and LEE SI YOUNG. they both look cute together XD. my favorite cast in this drama is KANG DONG HO. i think he's still new in the acting industry. well, all that i know he's good looking and he made my heart melt (i smile non-stop when it come to his scene) 

KANG DONG HO.picture

isn't he cute ? he look so innocent ! 

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