Thursday, June 21, 2012

the housemates

i've been having so much fun time with them
they are 

 H is cute and adorable. i like her energy. she can be so loud sometimes. beware !
 J is so cool. the way she dress is so herself. she can play guitar ! her character kinda reminds me of ieka. a bit quirkiness in her but attractive :) 
 N as in KILAFAIRY look alike. the only housemate taking IT. the rest of us are TESL. she's pretty ! but seriously she do look like KILAFAIRY. 
 F, N's roomate. she alright. well, she has her S ♥. huhu . . ouh ! and not forgetting her R ! 
 S, the roomate ! currently in a relationship with A. she's loud too ! and she's strong !


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