Tuesday, July 31, 2012

hwayoung, be strong ☺ ‏

hearing her dropping out from T-ARA really shocked me
i keep on questioning myself, 
" why would she be drop out from T-ARA? "
" what had really happened? "
i searched and searched, looking for the reason
some online sites said she's being bullied by the T-ARA members
some said she's acting like a 'top star'
i don't know which one is true
but if she's really being bullied
that's just mean, i know she joins T-ARA late
but there's no need to bully her
she's new so just guide her
i think that's the right thing to do

i used to like Jiyeon and of course the whole T-ARA
but after knowing this, i lost interest towards Jiyeon
now, i'm viewing Jiyeon and other T-ARA members as a bully
나쁜 여자 ! ( nappeun yeoja ! )
i felt sorry for Hwayoung
i'm officially now leaving T-ARA behind
they're outta from my list
now, rooting for Hwayoung !
Day by day is the last ( i like Hwayoung rap part )
waiting something from Hwayoung in the future
it's just my own opinion
other person might think the opposite
ouh, whatsoever -..-

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