Saturday, March 17, 2012

enjoying Friday night


this is so not how i picture to spend my Friday night. totally not. well, maybe a bit XD

click Youtube > go to Rikehtube > watch all his hilarious videos. now i'm happy and still feeling funny ? is funny a feeling ? i dunno how to describe myself in this ticklish condition. i just love all his funny videos. i makes me happy when i'm sad. he made me smile (◕‿◕) i can't wait for his next video that i dunno when. i just have to wait. i've already subscribed to him. 

here the list of the videos

          1. The Real Bubzbeauty
          4. Asian Geeks !
          6. The Real Bromance!
          7. why guys should not cook

it's 1:15 am in the morning and my eyes is getting smaller and smaller. i know what that means. " I SHOULD BE IN BED HAVING A SWEET DREAM ! ". ouh, while 'walking' around in the FACEBOOK, i spot a few form 5 ( 2012) pictures of SMKB. some of the senior students of SMKB <-- (my used to be high school) how come they can go picnic during their big exam year ? back at my time, we didn't even had time to hangout. unlike them, having picnic and all. its making me **** !!! how could they. 

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