Sunday, July 8, 2012

Korean Drama // The Strongest KPOP Survival

uwaaahhhh !!!! i did it !
i've finished this drama ! feels good
it took me half of the day downloading and two days to finished it
overall, just cute :D
Go Eun Ah really looks like Mir
i just can't take my eyes off her
its like seeing Mir doing the acting, not Go Eun Ah
after finishing this, i google pictures of Mir and Go Eun Ah
apparently they do look the same

here's one from the drama 
don't they look the same ?!
haaaa. . really like her acting 
(i like watching her in this drama because reminds me of Mir all the time ;p)

anyway, since i'm all alone for today
( all of my housemates went shopping, i didn't tag along because don't wanna spend my money. i like to shop useless stuff )
-i manage to finished this drama
- i lunch while watching episode 11
- finished watching at 4pm
- wavering around the house until 5pm
- shower and stuff
- doing laundry at 5.30pm
- bought food at the cafe
- drank soybean milk ( taste so good ! )
- check the laundry, hang the clothes
- wavering around while waiting for maghrib
- now, waiting for my housemates :P 9:30pm

well, what a lovely Sunday is today eh !
hoping for a better Sunday next week
Sunday is my favourite day 

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