Thursday, March 8, 2012

song of the week One Direction - what makes you beautiful

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for the last month, people keep talking about One Direction. i was curious to know, "who are those people ?". so, surfed the internet and watch their music video "what makes you beautiful" with ANGAH and on the spot fell in love with them. i am so slow. well, currently loving this song. this is the first song i hear and now i'm loving it. i'm not their biggest fan or anything. i just love to hear "what makes you beautiful". ouh, and i kinda like HARRY. heeee . . well, you cannot love the song without adoring the singer, right ? i mean, he is so cute and the voice is so nice to hear. i wish he could sing a song for me (ノ◕ヮ◕) that would be nice. but then again, i think, "for what adoring HARRY, he doesn't even know you exist !" so, now i don't know if i still adores him or not ?

just enjoy the music video

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