The purpose of this blog exist is because I would like to treat this as an online journal. You shall read about my life as a Noeanna, my interest, dream journals, travelogue and many more. I used to write in books but I realized that I spent much of my time here on my laptop rather than books. But I do love reading. My current favourites are from Terfaktab and Lejen Press (Malaysian book label). I think their books kinda suits my tastes in reading. I do mostly enjoy reading short stories and I am now starting to write some of my own. I am a degree holder majoring in TESL and currently working as a kindergarten teacher for my first job since I graduated; exactly 3 weeks after that :) I doubt myself in teaching but my friends said I am good at it so why not give it a try. So, my first try in teaching is with a younger audience (kindergartners). There is no harm in trying, it is the best way to know whether you are in or out. So, I'll just give it a try. I am planning to do my master overseas but I still have not decided where to go yet. I got a few places in my mind. I also wants to travel around the world to learn languages and understand different cultures. But first, gotta work and earn some money right. Well, I'll just have to see what my future holds for me. Thanks for reading. Now, go bake a cake or something. 

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