Friday, March 2, 2012


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haa . . finished editing my blog. changed that, changed this and here's the result. whatever it is, i'm satisfied with it. yesterday, i take a sneak peek at the followers and accidentally found this amazing blog yet interesting. i have always wanted to find these kinda blog because i love to read great blog. i hate it when people started blogging just to insult others. i love when people blog about their interest, music, fashion, etc. 

the interesting header

when i first saw the header, i thought, " is she a fashion designer ? ", well, because the header looks like she's the one who sketched it. all fashion designer does that. of course they have to sketch first because making the clothes. i mean look at all the detail. even i can't do that. i love to sketch but i'm an anime type of sketch. i'm like a copycat. i love to sketch anime or artwork from comics especially Malaysian comics from Ben. i love his comic character but not that one up there. i bet the hand of the sketcher is very valuable. *out of topic.
i just love the header.

simple black and white sidebar

just go to her blog and them out for yourself. i was wondering at first, ' where does she live ? ' , ' is she living overseas or studying abroad not in Malaysia ? '. all of that question just pop ups in my mind seeing all the pictures she post. i dig and dig deeper in her blog and found out that she's living in Malaysia. hahaha. all of the question. . herr. never mind me. she's an MSU student. i'm just guessing she is taking fashion designer. well, based on all the content she post, she do got quite a good taste in fashion and i love it !

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Jake said...

Nice blog you have, love your layout!