Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Don't worry never mind

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Yesterday was Christmas and I'm at home right now. Not that I'm celebrating the holiday, just that I've got a few days off from school. I'll be back to UniSEL tonight, Wednesday night. All of my homies are at UniSEL right now except for Jaz, she's still at home. Gosh, it's been quite sometime since my last post. I really wanna blog, just that . . . lazy I guess. Hehe well typical me, always lazy to do stuff even though I'm eager to do it at first. 

Okay, let's start of what I've been doing since 10th December until Christmas. When I check my phone, nothing's fun or interesting happen these past of days. Just class and class and more class because finals is coming and freaking out here! 

Well, nothing much to say. Ouh, I've bought a new bag. Yeay me for finally found it although it's not exactly what I imagine but it's close. Hell yeah I like it. Let's see some picture shall we :)

That's just about it. When the sun is out, it's gonna be fun ! Find some new adventure I guess. Later douchebag.

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