Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bubz and her BubzBeauty

          i started noticing this website at 2010 and it was awesome! super helpful to me. my besties recommended  this website to me and i'm starting to loving it right now .since i've just finish high school, i totally don't have much to do. well, in fact i have nothing to do. so now i'm just sitting at home with internet all day long. FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE, BLOGS etc. has become my  new friends. sometimes i get bored of them so i watched TV.

           nevertheless, BubzBeauty is the best place for you to refers about makeups, hairdos, facial treatment, DIY masks and so much more that you can find there at so feel free to check out her website. suddenly now i realized that i'm promoting her site! yikes! well, it's not a bad thing right ? i'm just trying to get more people to view her site. that all. 

after viewing her videos and reading her diary entries (i sound like a stalker right ? ) i may figured out that her family stayed at Northern Ireland. she's British Chinese, maybe. she has  two sisters and a little brother ( not little anymore ). from her videos too, i discovered her super hot and a bit cute cousin, Leon. who's turns out to be a little bit dorky.

bubz or lyndi and her not so little brother, rikeh .

bubz cousin, Leon

           i hope bubz's not mad at me for posting this picture. but seriously, i highly recommend this site to you guys! super duper helpful ^^


Aeliyana Chiyomella said...

don't you think those pictures are the same person?

noeanna said...

no it's not . . trust me :)