Friday, November 2, 2012

a little bit older

animal, animals, bear, birthday, cake

1. What I'm really bad at - solving problems
2. The one person who's arms I'd like to be in - still searching
3. My first date - is with Afiq Ikmal
4. A description of my self-esteem - I am just me
5. Who my best friends are - the people who is fun to hang with and i feel comfortable around them
6. My favourite book - nothing specific for now
7. Biggest turn on - Blonde guy
8. A description of my best friend - playful
9. My favourite animal - just cat
10. Someone I miss - fellow Deltarians
11. The reason behind my last breakup - long distance relationship
12. What I did yesterday - watch horror movie with housemates in the dark
13. What's my greatest achievements are - getting straight 4 A's in UPSR, PMR and SPM
14. A description of the person i dislike the most - none for now
15. My favourite song right now - I Dream by 15&
16. How my last kiss wen down - never had one
17. All of the pets I've ever had - cats, hamster, fish and currently petting a turtle
18. Favourite flavour of ice cream - vanilla is fine
19. The one place I'd like to be in right now - at home
20. The meanest thing anyone has ever said to me - "you're fat and ugly"
21. Where I have lived before - still in the same place, never move since I was born
22. I'll love you if - you love me too (obviously)
23. What are my feature plans - opening a cafe or clothing store
24. An internal conflict I have with myself - I always think I'm fat and ugly to death
25. What I'm doing tomorrow - spend a nice time on my birthday
26. What I want to be when I get older - richer and make my parents happy
27. Most embarrassing moment - when people are staring me
28. Two of my insecurities - my face and when meeting new people
29. What I would do if I won the lottery - opens up a cafe and invest on the money for something good
30. A description of the boy I like - none (I not liking anyone for now)
31. What I love the most about myself - I'm tall than the others
32. What bands I've seen live - I don't really get out so much, so the answer is none
33. How many kids I want in the future - 2 would be enough
34. My idea of a perfect date - it can be whatever, as long as it end up walking at beach watching the sunset
35. What I'm really good at - doing house chores
36. Most traumatic experience - motorbike accident that almost killed me
37. Where I would like to live - not in a hectic city definitely
38. The nicest thing anyone's ever said to me - "you're reliable"
39. What I hated most about school - when i have to carry too much books to school
40. What I can hear now is - people wishing me birthday wishes (in my mind. LOL)
41. My relationship with my sibling - is just awesome
42. My biggest worry currently - my face is feeling bumpy and I'm getting fatter and bigger (FUCK IT)
43. Something I've wished for repeatedly - to become skinnier until bones comes out
44. What words describe me the best - random
45. Something I should have said a long time ago - yes!
46. What's my last text message says - 'sorry tak reply IM. internet slow. IM lain kali laa'
47. What I hate the most about myself - my huge thigh, flabby arms and more
48.  Biggest turn off - too much hair in the face
49. What words upset me the most - fat ass
50. Do I like where I am right now - yes and I'm happy about it  

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