Saturday, September 1, 2012

shopaholic much

bags, beach, black, blue, fashion

yeah, shopaholic much but not for me . . yet!
i wish i was like that
having all the money to go shopping for one whole day
is that even possible to do ?
well, you'll never know if you don't try it
someday i will do it, non-stop shopping for one whole day

but needs money, lots of money
if only i was born rich
not that i'm not happy with my life
it's just that i want to know what it feels like being a rich kid
don't tell me you don't even dream of it?
bullshit! some of you must have thought about it
not that i'm regretting my life

my life is just doing fine
being a normal university student
having such an awesome housemates a.k.a my current closes friends right now
furthering my studies in English language course at university
because my dad thinks i'm good at it

but seriously 
i don't really know if this is the right one for me
i mean, doing this English language thingy 
i love being with my lappy
searching, surfing the net, editing people's blog
not saying that i'm terrific at doing all of those stuff
is just that, that are the things i like to do
other than that, i love singing
i thinks my voice is quite nice to hear sometimes
for me of course but some of my friends said i have a great voice
i'm really a down to earth person actually
not the straight forward one
i'm the one who likes to keep thing to themselves

well, that really goes outta topic
that's a little bit about my simple life
you know what?
i'm skipping the topic
let all shopaholic be shopaholic

knowing that my friend, J just got a boyfriend yesterday
making me wanna have one *cough
but i don't really knows how to work this relationship shit
i'm the worst i think
anyway, J, if you're happy, then i'm happy too
congrats on your new man
live a happy life then

what about me?
i guess is not the time yet
i'll find . . wait! no . . i'll meet him
one day, when the time is right

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