Thursday, March 29, 2012

cooking lesson #1 with mom


just having a simple evening watching the television. mom asked about dinner and told me that i should cook dinner then. well, i'm a bit excited ! my first ever cooking lesson with mom. yay me ! i will do my best. mom suggested we cook noodles. fried spicy noodles. great ! i love noodles. i always eat the noodles that mom made it but doesn't even bother to know how did she made it so delicious ! cooking lesson #1 begins.

- 2 pack of noodles 
- red small red onion
- garlic
- blended red chili
- salt
- meatball etc. ( already half fried )
- egg
- oil
- soy sauce

- boil the noodles
- chop the onion and garlic ( one onion and one segment of garlic )
   then mash them together
- heat up the oil
- brown the mash onion + garlic
- then, insert 4 big spoon of blended chili
- a little bit of salt
- eggs go in
- put in the meatball etc.
- put in the noodles
- a little bit of sweet taste, put in soy sauce
- cook until it is cook

the result  . . . 

well, the picture doesn't look tasty enough but at least i try ! i am proud of myself :D

while blogging this, i did a GIF image. here my first ever GIF image. it's from the video BLUE - BIG BANG COVER CONTEST. the guy that's walking is David from StillNotDavid. still remember him ? i've posted about him before. click here


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