Saturday, September 8, 2012

Korean Drama // Ma Boy

it was awesome !!
but why only 3 episodes ?!!
i want more !!
i demand more !!
i'm crying here wanting more of that drama
(yeah not really crying over it actually)
writing this post with lovey dovey feeling towards Sun Woong

i knew it!
i knew Sun Woong would have something more than the other TOUCH member
all because of his pretty boy look
and Kim So Hyun was so innocent
and Min Hoo was so funny
i like Min Hoo for that
(its not SHINee's Minho or Lee Min Ho)
i try to find his profile (Min Hoo) but i couldn't find it
maybe he's still new in acting

overall, i'm in love with Sun Woong and Min Hoo
i love you guys so much
if only i've met someone like you guys
i'll promise myself to be nice to them
Ma Boy, daebak !
and thank you Guzzlady for introducing this cute drama
(writing this while listening to grouplove-tongue tied)
love this fucking song so much!

here's the link to watch em' 

Ma Boy1 Ma Boy / 마보이
Kim So Hyun as Jang Geu Rim

Ma Boy6 Ma Boy / 마보이
Sun Woong (TOUCH) as Irene/Hyun Woo

Ma Boy7 Ma Boy / 마보이
Min Hoo as Tae Joon

here's some more pictures
Ma Boy2 Ma Boy / 마보이
Ma Boy3 Ma Boy / 마보이
Ma Boy4 Ma Boy / 마보이

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