Monday, March 5, 2012

blogwalking #2


lately, i haven't gone out anywhere. just spent most of my time at home. last time i've gone for hangouts is when me and my classmates/besties went to Times Square, KL. we had great time. loving it back then. now, just stuck at home waiting for my SPM result that i am anxious to know yet curious but terrified thinking about it. so, i spent more time in front of the HP lappy. yes, my lappy is HP. not some expensive laptop like apple or something like that. i am happy using it although it sometimes shutdown by itself. kinda creepy but who cares. the important is i can blog happily. i am happy with HP lappy. hahaha. . HP, happy, lappy. just laughing by myself :D

notice the title 'blogwalking #2'. so, recently i have been blogwalking lately and found some interesting blog to read. yeay ! more interesting blogs. here's the list of my favourite :

          ✎ KARLA'S CLOSET  - adoring her some of her style
          Mellow Mayoness - i just love her every style
           mochaccinoland   - she bakes ! and  a little of her outfits
          street hijab - the style i've been searching for so long finally found yah !
          song of style - the picture are beautiful yet interesting
          Black Coffee Crumbs - the styles, the pictures are so eye catching 

that are just it for today. i'm posting this while lying on the floor in my room. i'm suppose to be lying on bed right now. well, my back are hurting me right now. lappy, shutdown ! ϟϟϟ --- . . . ___

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