Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Flow of Life

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this week had been really uncomfortable. i've been sick for two day now, wait . . make it three, including today. first, the headache, then the hard sneezing and sore throat and lastly today, the endless coughing. i was in pain. just spending the weekend watching random movies. it's either watching it alone or with le housemates. i think watching movies with some friends is a fun thing to do. i mean it's great to spend time together. i didn't take any medicine though. i just hate it. i think i'll be fine without it and apparently i'm totally right. i'm feeling much better now. thanks to my strong . . what do you call it? body immune system stuff . . yeah i'm not really that bright when it come to science stuff.

i'm hoping i can grab a pair of sneakers and a bag pack by the end of this year but not this month for sure as i'm just broke and become poor instantly with no money. where can i get an awesome sneakers and a cool bag pack? gosh, gotta go window shopping pronto! what else to say eh? ouh, i'm starting to fill up my wall. what i mean is my side of wall in my room. i wanna make it more like this 

i'm half way now. okay, not really half of the wall are covered but a bit part of it is still in progress. no pictures for now because i'm too lazy to snap it. maybe later. i just randomly pasting pictures to the walls. kpop is surely one of it. others are just beautiful girls and gorgeous people. well, that's  just about it. it's pretty late now actually. better head off to bed now i guess. but before that, here's the list of what i've been watching :

  • Jawbreaker (1999 movie)
  • Mean Girls
  • The Exorcism of Emily Rose
  • The House Bunny
  • The Lovely Bones
  • The Woman in Black
  • Vampires Suck (Twilight Parody)
  • What Happens in Vegas

told you it was random. i mix of horror, comedy and lil bit of romantic . . i guess. whatever.

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