Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hot Stuff // Fashion, Fame and Farm

The past few days, I've been hiding in my bedroom all day long. You know what I did in that room ? I was playing games. Yeah, just playing games. I played 3 different games and have been staying up late for it. Now, my face is getting worst, my sleep time went all around and I think I'm getting fat because I sit most of the time playing the games; most of the time lying on the bed. I only went out of the room when its about time to eat and shower. I feel lifeless but the games are so much fun and I can't stop. I poor my phone because I keep on playing even when I'm charging it. I hope it doesn't affect it.

Now, I present to you, the three games I've been talking about :

1. Kim Kardashian : Hollywood

2. Fashion Story

3. Farm Story 2

Its just so much fun !

Friday, August 15, 2014

I dream I was studying engineering with the iCarlys

I just woke up and it's like afternoon now and I decided to quickly write this post or I'll forget it later. I have bathed okay.


It was a typical school day and I was making moves to the classroom when I saw Sam, Carly and Freddy dancing around in this huge dance room. It's like they're practicing for their new show and Freddy was involved too (he's usually behind the camera) and I just walk in to know that's the class I've been looking for. I sit at the front row, exactly right in front the teacher's desk. I took my computer and start doing some engineering study when Sam come. She looks puzzled looking at my work and said, "so, that's what it looks like", "yeah, I guess so". After that, they all got into their places. When I came in, I saw no chair and desk but then when I was about to sit, appeared a chair and a desk in front. So, I just sit, Apparently, when you decided to sit, the chair and desk will just appear. Cool.

Not long after that, lots of student came in. All different faces I've never seen before but yet again, I saw a few of my classmate during high school (engineering class during Form 5) and they were all like 'hey, what's up!'. So, they notice me. I was kinda happy because it was like high school all over again but far more better because we're with the iCarlys too! Then, the teacher came in. It was my high school teacher, haha. Of course it was her, its engineering, who else are supposed to teach. Its all related. We were supposed to hand in our homework that day and I'm still not finish with it. So, I just ditch the class and went back to my dorm (yeah, I live in a dorm like when I was in high school)

I can't quite remember what happen there but I was staying at the same dorm I was when in high school. Ahh, the good all day. I was just hanging out and relaxing when my boyfriend called. He asked what I've been doing and I told him I ditch class today. He was angry when I ditch class so he wanted to see me. I got up and got all doll up just to meet him although I knew I was getting scold but it was all worth it because I got to see him (I haven't seen him for almost a month now because of semester break and I guess I just miss him) and I went straight to the faculty where he's waiting for me.

When I got out, I was in front of my house. That's weird. At the beginning, I was at the dorm, then when I went out, it was the front of my house. What a confusing dream. I was about to cross the road when I saw him, waiting for me while playing with his phone. I went straight to him and he said he wants to walk me to class. We went straight when we're supposed to turn left. We're going the wrong way actually. Although we're going the wrong way, I'm happy because it was with him. 

boy, couple, couple *-*, cute, girl, hands

I don't know why but that was the most happiest moment in the entire dream. He was looking all good looking and I like the way he dress up. He was wearing a t-shirt inside and wore a plain blue shirt on the outside with a pair of light blue jeans, match with a pair of Van's shoes. He looks so good, I just want to hug him all day but unfortunately the dream ended right there. I heard my mom yelling to tell me to wake up because it's noon already.

Ahh, what a dream.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hot Stuff // Makeups just excites me !

Happiness is what in my head when thinking of having and owning all of the makeups in the world I can have. I was browsing through the internet and sudden random thinking came into my head and I made my journey of searching random cosmetics online website. 

Here are some of the website that I've gone though :
  1. Sephora 
  2. Elf Makeup & Cosmetics
  3. Colour Cosmetics Malaysia
I was just scrolling and scrolling and be amazed at the same time. I saw brushes collection, different colour of lipstick, eyebrow kit and so much more. Some of it caught my attention and I intend to buy them later (when I got my money of course).

It says there, they're selling it for RM50.00. Now, I don't know the average price for this item but I really wanna try it out. My pores at my face is big and people can really see them if they stand closer to me. I really wish this could help. I don't know where I'm gonna find it but I'll keep searching and finding until it get it. 

I don't know if I need this but everyone else seems to have at least ONE lip balm in their makeup bag. So, I'll just have one. Plus, my lips are getting dry these day and it looks not healthy. So, what the heck, I'll just grab one later. I've chosen 3 colours and I can't decide which one to get. Better yet, why not all of it. 

As for this one, they look interesting; like crayons. I've bought a Revlon purple matte lipstick and it look just like this, like crayons. Well, the name itself says it all. I can't decide which one to buy and I can't possibly buy all of them or I could, hah. 

Haha, the eyebrow gel for the control freak. Nah, just kidding. Growing up as a girl with less hair at the eyebrow just kills me inside. At first, I don't really mind at all but when my friends started teasing me (even my little little cousin), it went straight into my heart. I couldn't bear it no more. So, I must find some alternatives to make me look like I have eyebrows. And then there they are, the eyebrow kit. I'm still new in eyebrow grooming and I think I need this. 

I kinda choose all NYX because I don't know, the name itself just amuse me and I just like it. So, beat it if you don't like it. Hopefully I get to collect as much money as I can and get to buy all of these gorgeous makeups.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A cat's funeral is something rare

I'm sitting here in my room remembering and reminiscing about the past. The moment where my house cat, Wicky, was so active and adorable. He was a people person and he acted our house like his own. Going in and out as he pleased. But, Wicky is not here no more. He's gone. Forever gone and buried in the his own grave that my brother had made (I assume he's the one that's in charge of the funeral arrangement). 

Wicky first came to our house somewhere around this year or last year, if I'm not mistaken. We thought he was the neighbour's cat. So, my dad gave him back to our neighbour who's living across the road. He was charming and apparently not afraid of people. He even approached us first. Then, one day he decided to just stay and not leaving. My family didn't mind though. 

My sister, Alang, she's very into cats (well, not to say REALLY but I can see it inside of her) and she took quite a good care of him. There's this one time he got injured and she put a plaster to cover his wound. Of course it didn't work because it's not sticking to the skin but to the fur. So, my dad helped my sister to put a bit medicine to the wounded cat. Even my dad is also a cat person (I can also see that inside of him). 

Then, he made love to Mary (the other house cat) and she gave birth to two adorable kittens named Ricky and Micky. Micky looks exactly likes her father. White base fur with a bit of black colour on it. Not long after that, the kittens got eyes infection and I guess he got that too. He sleeps almost all day and not being active like he use to (sneaking in to the house and round around as he please). I'm assuming he's very sick and I can feel that he's going away. Like he's gonna die. But I deny that feeling and said to myself no, not that. Maybe he's just very ill. Just that.

This afternoon, I woke up and went straight to see where my mother was. She's at the back of the house feeding the cats and he was there to, I assume. Then, I bathed and did some laundry, hanging the clothes outside and I saw him in the drain. He's kinda relaxing, like playing hide and seek. And that was the last time I saw him. 

Late that evening, my little cousin, Abby, came back from school and she was shouting at the back of our house. I got out of the room and went to see what's wrong. She came in through the back door and said "Wicky is dead!". I was like shock to death. He was fine just before. My mom came too and was a bit shock (but not too much) and saying he was fine while she was feeding him. "Are you sure he's not just sleeping?". "No, he's dead! He's not moving at all and there are flies surrounding him" said my little cousin. 

I got out from the house to check up on Wicky and what little cousin's saying was true. All true with no lie. There he is. Laying on the grass as if like he was sleeping (but in a weird posture) and I just couldn't believe it. I didn't cry though because we were never that close. He's just a cat I know and I care a bit about him. I ran to my sister and tell her the news. I don't know what she felt. After that, I just shut myself in my room. 

I was thinking to pet a cat, my very own cat but when stuff like this happen . . I don't know how to handle it. So, I decided to just find any adopt pet shop and just adopt one. I just don't want to have to feel to lose a cat in death tragedies. Its just the worst feeling ever. It's the same kinda of feeling when you lost the one you loved and can never see them again. It's sad.

This is him. When I look at this, I realize something. He's like a panda, a panda cat. I like panda and I like him. Farewell, Wicky. You will be miss. I will miss you, panda cat. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Hot Stuff // I wanna buy something but I need to save money

It's August right now and not long after that its gonna be the end of the year. You know what that means. YEAR END SALES ! and I can't wait for that. Therefore, I shall save all the money I can. Less eat, no movies . . okay maybe less movies because I really love going to the cinema watching new movies but any other than that, I need to keep it less than before. I need to gather all the money I can.

But then, I scroll my instagram and I find this one instashop is having a sale and guess what ?! I fell in love with it, with the sale item. Why now ?! Why not at the end of the year.

Why ?! Why you have to be so gorgeous ! I fell in love but I know I can never get you, can't get all of you lovelies. I have to be strong this time. Beautiful gorgeous scarf comes and go. Who knows, maybe I'll find something even more lovely and insanely pretty. 

I'm sorry beautiful. Tsskk. 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

I dream I got married

I'm watching 'Say yes to the dress' at TLC right now. It's about bride picking out the right dress for their wedding. It's fun to watch and makes me can't wait to find my own wedding dress. 

clothing, dress, fashion, gloves, lace

So, yeah. I dream I got married to my boyfriend last night and it was fun. Who knew I'm getting married in my dream. It felt so real and convincing and I feel like I don't wanna wake up from that dream. It was sweet, the sweetest to its very limit. 

I don't know where I was at that time but then comes a man. He offered me a wedding ring and there were two of them, both looking so beautiful and gorgeous. There's a simple one and the other just kind a looks like there's a lot going on there. So, I choose the simple one. Yet after that, I got a weeding to attend. I was such in a hurry. All my girls are there and I remembered wearing a white gown for the wedding and he is also getting ready, helped by the guys. 

It was such a hurry wedding and everything turns out well in the end. I had fun during that wedding. Words cannot describe how I felt during during that beautiful ceremony. Then, we were taken to the raya time. We went back to my home place to celebrate Eidul Fitri and I was so busy introducing the husband to all the elderly.We were talking and laughing while having some good food when suddenly I just woke up from that dream, that beautiful dream of mine. 

Hmmm. It was so nice.

I just wanna be right next to you right now

☀Summer's Paradise☀ | via Tumblr
I've put you to sleep two times while we video called and watched you for almost an hour just to make sure you are asleep. The first time is when we're skyping during our after foundation year, after 2 months not seeing each other. The second time is this time right now.

You looked so exhausted and tired. I knew you couldn't stay longer for a video call. So, I told you to go to sleep and you want me to put you to sleep. The moment you close your eyes, I waited for you to open it again; to look at me, but you didn't and just went straight sleeping. You're tired after all. Its already been 15 minutes you've been sleeping and I'm writing this while you're sleeping in that 15 minutes. I still haven't ended the video call. I'm writing this while watching you sleep.

I thought your snoring problem was over. Well, think again. You still have it. I can clearly hear it. Gosh. Seeing your face asleep makes me wanna be there beside you; hugging you tightly. Make sure you're comfortable. I really wish I can be there beside you. I miss you. You look so cute and innocent while sleeping. I like it. 

One more week before school starts over. Then, we'll be together again. I can't wait for that. I can't wait to play and fool around doing random stuff with you. I'm sure it's gonna be awesome. I feel happy whenever I'm around you. Thank you.

Goodnight, sayang. 

I got nothing to do at home


It's getting worst. I woke up in the afternoon and skipped my morning. It has been like a week since I saw morning. I miss morning time. It's perhaps because I've been fasting and I don't have to take my breakfast so I just skipped all  morning routine and went straight for the afternoon until it's time to break fast. It's not actually good but oh well. I guess I just couldn't help myself for sleeping and snuggling on the bed for so long. It's so comfy. I stayed all day in my room. Okay, probably not all day. I did went out to find food.

I talked to my boyfriend just now and I'm thinking about having a cat and buying a go pro but he said no to both. Hmmm. I already plan how to get the money. He said cats make me lose focus for study and I don't need a go pro because . . why do I need it ? Instead, he insist me of buying an iPhone. Mmm perhaps later maybe. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I'm expanding and feeling ugly

I'm in semester break right now and it has been a week and a half. The first week was Eidul Fitri and us family have been going to relatives house and my dad's friend's place. It's the month for forgiving and start things all over again. 

I didn't really went anywhere this raya. I meet up with my best kindergarten buddies. We went to our kindergarten teacher's house to visit her and see how is she. Then, we went straight to Alamanda, Putrajaya. We watched movies, we had good food and went to the Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside. It's was a nice day.

Done with the first week of raya and everyone went back to their schools except me because I'm on my semester break. Do you wanna know what do I do ? Nothing. I did the same thing everyday: 

  1. woke up late
  2. I didn't had breakfast because I was fasting and still are now
  3. driving my brother to school and picking up my sister from school
  4. play games at my phone until I fall asleep
  5. woke up around 6.30 pm
  6. getting ready to breakfast 
  7. watch movies, tumblring etc
  8. go to sleep at 2.00 am

Then, I found this pretty youtuber who did vlogs and fashion videos; which is quite interesting for me, and I subscribe her immediately. The channel is clothesencounters. I found her while I was randomly searching for grunge lookbook at youtube and then, there she was showing her style for grunge fashion. Now, I'm watching all her videos. 

Well, that's pretty much what I did. 

style, interior, girl, heart, inspiration, love, bun, thinspo, photography, legs, blonde, skinny, fitspo, motivation, hair, tan, body, beauty, fashion
I want to lose some weight but I'm just too lazy to get my ass off. And I feel so ugly right now because I'm not taking good care of my face. I woke up late, I stayed up late at night. Ugh, I'm not living my life healthily and I hate it.