Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hot Stuff // Makeups just excites me !

Happiness is what in my head when thinking of having and owning all of the makeups in the world I can have. I was browsing through the internet and sudden random thinking came into my head and I made my journey of searching random cosmetics online website. 

Here are some of the website that I've gone though :
  1. Sephora 
  2. Elf Makeup & Cosmetics
  3. Colour Cosmetics Malaysia
I was just scrolling and scrolling and be amazed at the same time. I saw brushes collection, different colour of lipstick, eyebrow kit and so much more. Some of it caught my attention and I intend to buy them later (when I got my money of course).

It says there, they're selling it for RM50.00. Now, I don't know the average price for this item but I really wanna try it out. My pores at my face is big and people can really see them if they stand closer to me. I really wish this could help. I don't know where I'm gonna find it but I'll keep searching and finding until it get it. 

I don't know if I need this but everyone else seems to have at least ONE lip balm in their makeup bag. So, I'll just have one. Plus, my lips are getting dry these day and it looks not healthy. So, what the heck, I'll just grab one later. I've chosen 3 colours and I can't decide which one to get. Better yet, why not all of it. 

As for this one, they look interesting; like crayons. I've bought a Revlon purple matte lipstick and it look just like this, like crayons. Well, the name itself says it all. I can't decide which one to buy and I can't possibly buy all of them or I could, hah. 

Haha, the eyebrow gel for the control freak. Nah, just kidding. Growing up as a girl with less hair at the eyebrow just kills me inside. At first, I don't really mind at all but when my friends started teasing me (even my little little cousin), it went straight into my heart. I couldn't bear it no more. So, I must find some alternatives to make me look like I have eyebrows. And then there they are, the eyebrow kit. I'm still new in eyebrow grooming and I think I need this. 

I kinda choose all NYX because I don't know, the name itself just amuse me and I just like it. So, beat it if you don't like it. Hopefully I get to collect as much money as I can and get to buy all of these gorgeous makeups.

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