Saturday, August 9, 2014

I got nothing to do at home


It's getting worst. I woke up in the afternoon and skipped my morning. It has been like a week since I saw morning. I miss morning time. It's perhaps because I've been fasting and I don't have to take my breakfast so I just skipped all  morning routine and went straight for the afternoon until it's time to break fast. It's not actually good but oh well. I guess I just couldn't help myself for sleeping and snuggling on the bed for so long. It's so comfy. I stayed all day in my room. Okay, probably not all day. I did went out to find food.

I talked to my boyfriend just now and I'm thinking about having a cat and buying a go pro but he said no to both. Hmmm. I already plan how to get the money. He said cats make me lose focus for study and I don't need a go pro because . . why do I need it ? Instead, he insist me of buying an iPhone. Mmm perhaps later maybe. 

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