Saturday, August 9, 2014

I just wanna be right next to you right now

☀Summer's Paradise☀ | via Tumblr
I've put you to sleep two times while we video called and watched you for almost an hour just to make sure you are asleep. The first time is when we're skyping during our after foundation year, after 2 months not seeing each other. The second time is this time right now.

You looked so exhausted and tired. I knew you couldn't stay longer for a video call. So, I told you to go to sleep and you want me to put you to sleep. The moment you close your eyes, I waited for you to open it again; to look at me, but you didn't and just went straight sleeping. You're tired after all. Its already been 15 minutes you've been sleeping and I'm writing this while you're sleeping in that 15 minutes. I still haven't ended the video call. I'm writing this while watching you sleep.

I thought your snoring problem was over. Well, think again. You still have it. I can clearly hear it. Gosh. Seeing your face asleep makes me wanna be there beside you; hugging you tightly. Make sure you're comfortable. I really wish I can be there beside you. I miss you. You look so cute and innocent while sleeping. I like it. 

One more week before school starts over. Then, we'll be together again. I can't wait for that. I can't wait to play and fool around doing random stuff with you. I'm sure it's gonna be awesome. I feel happy whenever I'm around you. Thank you.

Goodnight, sayang. 

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