Friday, August 15, 2014

I dream I was studying engineering with the iCarlys

I just woke up and it's like afternoon now and I decided to quickly write this post or I'll forget it later. I have bathed okay.


It was a typical school day and I was making moves to the classroom when I saw Sam, Carly and Freddy dancing around in this huge dance room. It's like they're practicing for their new show and Freddy was involved too (he's usually behind the camera) and I just walk in to know that's the class I've been looking for. I sit at the front row, exactly right in front the teacher's desk. I took my computer and start doing some engineering study when Sam come. She looks puzzled looking at my work and said, "so, that's what it looks like", "yeah, I guess so". After that, they all got into their places. When I came in, I saw no chair and desk but then when I was about to sit, appeared a chair and a desk in front. So, I just sit, Apparently, when you decided to sit, the chair and desk will just appear. Cool.

Not long after that, lots of student came in. All different faces I've never seen before but yet again, I saw a few of my classmate during high school (engineering class during Form 5) and they were all like 'hey, what's up!'. So, they notice me. I was kinda happy because it was like high school all over again but far more better because we're with the iCarlys too! Then, the teacher came in. It was my high school teacher, haha. Of course it was her, its engineering, who else are supposed to teach. Its all related. We were supposed to hand in our homework that day and I'm still not finish with it. So, I just ditch the class and went back to my dorm (yeah, I live in a dorm like when I was in high school)

I can't quite remember what happen there but I was staying at the same dorm I was when in high school. Ahh, the good all day. I was just hanging out and relaxing when my boyfriend called. He asked what I've been doing and I told him I ditch class today. He was angry when I ditch class so he wanted to see me. I got up and got all doll up just to meet him although I knew I was getting scold but it was all worth it because I got to see him (I haven't seen him for almost a month now because of semester break and I guess I just miss him) and I went straight to the faculty where he's waiting for me.

When I got out, I was in front of my house. That's weird. At the beginning, I was at the dorm, then when I went out, it was the front of my house. What a confusing dream. I was about to cross the road when I saw him, waiting for me while playing with his phone. I went straight to him and he said he wants to walk me to class. We went straight when we're supposed to turn left. We're going the wrong way actually. Although we're going the wrong way, I'm happy because it was with him. 

boy, couple, couple *-*, cute, girl, hands

I don't know why but that was the most happiest moment in the entire dream. He was looking all good looking and I like the way he dress up. He was wearing a t-shirt inside and wore a plain blue shirt on the outside with a pair of light blue jeans, match with a pair of Van's shoes. He looks so good, I just want to hug him all day but unfortunately the dream ended right there. I heard my mom yelling to tell me to wake up because it's noon already.

Ahh, what a dream.

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