Monday, August 11, 2014

Hot Stuff // I wanna buy something but I need to save money

It's August right now and not long after that its gonna be the end of the year. You know what that means. YEAR END SALES ! and I can't wait for that. Therefore, I shall save all the money I can. Less eat, no movies . . okay maybe less movies because I really love going to the cinema watching new movies but any other than that, I need to keep it less than before. I need to gather all the money I can.

But then, I scroll my instagram and I find this one instashop is having a sale and guess what ?! I fell in love with it, with the sale item. Why now ?! Why not at the end of the year.

Why ?! Why you have to be so gorgeous ! I fell in love but I know I can never get you, can't get all of you lovelies. I have to be strong this time. Beautiful gorgeous scarf comes and go. Who knows, maybe I'll find something even more lovely and insanely pretty. 

I'm sorry beautiful. Tsskk. 

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