Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hot Stuff // Fashion, Fame and Farm

The past few days, I've been hiding in my bedroom all day long. You know what I did in that room ? I was playing games. Yeah, just playing games. I played 3 different games and have been staying up late for it. Now, my face is getting worst, my sleep time went all around and I think I'm getting fat because I sit most of the time playing the games; most of the time lying on the bed. I only went out of the room when its about time to eat and shower. I feel lifeless but the games are so much fun and I can't stop. I poor my phone because I keep on playing even when I'm charging it. I hope it doesn't affect it.

Now, I present to you, the three games I've been talking about :

1. Kim Kardashian : Hollywood

2. Fashion Story

3. Farm Story 2

Its just so much fun !

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