Saturday, August 9, 2014

I dream I got married

I'm watching 'Say yes to the dress' at TLC right now. It's about bride picking out the right dress for their wedding. It's fun to watch and makes me can't wait to find my own wedding dress. 

clothing, dress, fashion, gloves, lace

So, yeah. I dream I got married to my boyfriend last night and it was fun. Who knew I'm getting married in my dream. It felt so real and convincing and I feel like I don't wanna wake up from that dream. It was sweet, the sweetest to its very limit. 

I don't know where I was at that time but then comes a man. He offered me a wedding ring and there were two of them, both looking so beautiful and gorgeous. There's a simple one and the other just kind a looks like there's a lot going on there. So, I choose the simple one. Yet after that, I got a weeding to attend. I was such in a hurry. All my girls are there and I remembered wearing a white gown for the wedding and he is also getting ready, helped by the guys. 

It was such a hurry wedding and everything turns out well in the end. I had fun during that wedding. Words cannot describe how I felt during during that beautiful ceremony. Then, we were taken to the raya time. We went back to my home place to celebrate Eidul Fitri and I was so busy introducing the husband to all the elderly.We were talking and laughing while having some good food when suddenly I just woke up from that dream, that beautiful dream of mine. 

Hmmm. It was so nice.

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