Friday, May 30, 2014

Bedroom sucks

School holidays are in and my holiday is coming to an end. Finally the results are out. My CGPA drop from 3.25 to 3.18. Hemm. I got 4 A's and 2 C's. I hate those two C's. Thankfully I didn't fail any paper or retake any subject. 

The past 3 weeks have been boring for me. I just stayed home a lot. Not to say spending my time a lot with the family but I just stay put in my room doing my stuff. Gosh, I really wish my room have a real window; where when it's morning the sunlight will go in through the window and shine your morning, where I can open up and feel the morning breeze and fresh cold air. Gosh, that'd be heaven for me. 

Unfortunately, I don't have proper windows in my rooms. My dad design the house with just two bedroom and then expand the house when we got a younger brother. So, he add another room just at the back of my room. How should I put this . . they made another kitchen and through that new kitchen, you can go to the other new room. Basically, my bedroom is surrounded by kitchen and two rooms. My room is in the middle of the house. That sucks. 

Right now, my room is ugly. It's painted with a splat of yellow and the rest is just the old pink colour. I wanna paint the room and have black curtains with white bed sheet. Yeah, I will do that :) !!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Welcome back !

My baby acer is back home :) Welcome home, I miss you so much. I've been miserable without you. I can't watch my favourite movies, I can't write in my blog, I can't tumblr and I can't do many things without you. Thank God, you here now. I love you :3

So, today I went to two places; Low Yat Plaza and Putrajaya. There's me, Jan, Aely, Ejat and Fahim. All five of us hang out for the first time ever since. . well, I don't know. . high school maybe ? Oho, it's has been such a long time. We're that kinda high schools buddies that like to discover new things and cause trouble a lot. That was when we're all at the age of sixteen. Ahh, good old time. 

After picking you up, acer, we went straight to Purajaya; for the Belia Festival and Jom Heboh. It was so crowded with cars, big loud motorcycles and peoples. It was hard for us to find a parking spot too. After walking and walking with exhausted and tired feeling, we decided to head to Alamanda shopping mall because that's where the cold air is.

I didn't even buy anything at the festival because the heat was getting into me. Though, I did found the insta shop that I've been following at my instagram. There was a lot of pretty clothes but unfortunately I can't afford to buy another piece of clothes as I'm saving my money for my next sem fees. Uhuhuhuhu

I did bought two books at Alamanda MPH. Both are horror-ish kinda book. I can't wait to read them both! 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Korean Drama // I'm in love again

I'm blogging using my sister's new Lenovo laptop as mine is still at the shop. 

So, today I didn't do nothing much. I spent all my afternoon, evening and night watching this one Korean drama; Full House Take 2. I fell in love again with kdrama :) I have a bunch of kdrama in my laptop. Some of it I downloaded myself and some of it are from my friends. I've been wanting to watch all the drama during this sem break but my laptop have to be sent away. Too bad for me. But not too bad actually. I can watch it online of course ! 

Full House Take 2


I just love love Won Kang-hwi (Park Ki Woong)
First of all, he's blonde. I have a major like to blonde guys. I don't know why :) If the blonde fits you well, then I'll like you immediately. I love his face and his smile. By just looking his face smiling, I'll just scream and blush to myself. Ahh why he have to be like that; looking all good and blonde, I just want to . . ahhhh ! His character in this drama is so carefree and fun. If I could, I want to be his friend. Ah no, no, not just a friend ahhh I don't know. Just writing about him makes me excited !


I really hate Lee Tae-ik's and Jang Man-ok's hairs
I'm currently at episode 20 and I really hope they change Man-ok's hair in the later episode. Why do they have to make her hair looks like that ? It's ugly and makes her age more than her own age. For Tae-ik's, until this current episode, I much more prefer his hair to be straight rather than being curly-wurly. 


The annoying Jin Se-ryung and bad guy LJ 
Jin Se-ryung; she really knows how to make people annoyed with her attitude. She's bossy and always think she can get whatever she wants. She keeps mentioning "yes, it's me. World star Jin Se-ryung" blergh world star my ass. As if anyone would care. That LJ guy, he's the director of the company or what ahh I don't know but what I know I really don't like that guy. He just do whatever he likes without even asking the people that's involve. That's just rude ! 

Whatever it is, I really hope that Man-ok ends up with Kang-hwi but I know that's not gonna happen because based on my 20 episode of observation, I think Man-ok likes Tae-ik. Haish, why him ? Don't you see Kang-hwi is more fun to be with uhuhuhhuhu. Haaaa ~~, I want to continue the next episode. Kang-hwi :)


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Got no laptop, got no fun

Sunday morning I wake up smelling the breakfast that my dad is cooking. It smelled delicious ! I brushed my teeth and with no shower, I go and get my breakfast. Burger and fries for breakfast, okay :) My dad always cook the best breakfast ever. Everytime he makes us breakfast, I can't wait to dig in. He should be in the food business, that'd be great and delicious too. Thanks ayah for all the delicious breakfast ♡ 

So, this is the day my sister got her first laptop and her first phone. She's 18 and still doesn't have a phone. Pretty nerd haha; no offence tho sister. She's not really into texting or calling, so ayah gave her a Samsung Tab and that tab has been full of her kpop idol videos and her kinda stuff which suit her better. But that tab time has come to the end, not to mean it's all broken. It's just that she's going to continue her study and a phone is a must thing to have. I mean how do you expect to make phone calls with that big rectangle tab. She decided to sell the tab and buy a phone.

We went to Low Yat Plaza to find the perfect laptop and phone. It was so packed, people walking around and musics everywhere. Ugh, I really hate that kinda situation. After many searching has been done, she bought a Sony Xperia C and Lenovo Laptop. I reallly want her to buy Lenovo because the speaker is so nice ! 

But before the searching, I had to sent away my laptop for repair. Uhuukss :( I'll get it back after 5 working days. 5 days without my laptop, I can't ughhh. I am now blogging trough my phone. Thank god my phone is a mega size phone. So, it's easy for me to type and see what I'm writing. I don't have to squeeze my eyes to read. Its just fine as it is. I love you, mega ♡


#the eyebrows woot woot 

Superb Saturday

Its 1 o'clock in the morning and here I am siting in front of my laptop trying my best to write this post. My eyes are kinda hurting me because I've been wearing my spec too long for today; the longest time ever! 

Yesterday was Saturday and I didn't stayed at home. My sisters got an award for doing their best in the big exams. So, my family attended the award ceremony. I was there too. I came along because I miss my school and I want to see them; to breathe the air of the place which I used to study and play around, ahhh memories. 

I really wish to stumble into my classmates but non showed up. Well, of course they didn't come because it was none of their business unless they have a sister like me to get award or something but nahhh. No classmates but one friend did notice me. I don't really remember his name but I think it's Arif Amarudin. Heh, I don't know if I spell it right. It was nice talking to him, getting to know how he was. Good old friend. Though, my juniors were happy to see me. I'm really proud of them. Look at them, getting award and stuff. Back at the old days, they were just a bunch of troubles and so hard for me to handle but now I think they look smart :)

I met my used-to-be classroom teacher and gosh, she stills has that cheerful kinda vibe. We talk a bit about schools and my classmates and all. It was so nice meeting her after 2 years finished from high school. When I was her student, I thought she looks tall, I mean taller than me but look at the picture ! We're equal haha. 

Anyway, congrats my sisters for being smart and scored well in the big exam. I'm proud of you guys :) Heh, I looked wicked in this picture, wearing all black and stuff. 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Fresh Start

The past have been hard for me. Life can be so much challenging when it comes to dealing with problems. Ugh, I hate it. So, I push the reset button for this blog and start everything all over again. A new life with different stories to be told. I'll try my best to keep updating this blog. What's past is done and to never look back at it. I have to keep on moving forward and plan my future brightly. 

Haa ~ look at my words, all tingled tangled up. This is what happen when I stop blogging for a while. I don't know how to create beautiful sentences and I'll keep using the same words over and over again. So lets hope I'll keep on updating this blog and increase my vocab and writing patterns. Gosh, it's been a long time since I wrote my last essay.