Sunday, May 18, 2014

Got no laptop, got no fun

Sunday morning I wake up smelling the breakfast that my dad is cooking. It smelled delicious ! I brushed my teeth and with no shower, I go and get my breakfast. Burger and fries for breakfast, okay :) My dad always cook the best breakfast ever. Everytime he makes us breakfast, I can't wait to dig in. He should be in the food business, that'd be great and delicious too. Thanks ayah for all the delicious breakfast ♡ 

So, this is the day my sister got her first laptop and her first phone. She's 18 and still doesn't have a phone. Pretty nerd haha; no offence tho sister. She's not really into texting or calling, so ayah gave her a Samsung Tab and that tab has been full of her kpop idol videos and her kinda stuff which suit her better. But that tab time has come to the end, not to mean it's all broken. It's just that she's going to continue her study and a phone is a must thing to have. I mean how do you expect to make phone calls with that big rectangle tab. She decided to sell the tab and buy a phone.

We went to Low Yat Plaza to find the perfect laptop and phone. It was so packed, people walking around and musics everywhere. Ugh, I really hate that kinda situation. After many searching has been done, she bought a Sony Xperia C and Lenovo Laptop. I reallly want her to buy Lenovo because the speaker is so nice ! 

But before the searching, I had to sent away my laptop for repair. Uhuukss :( I'll get it back after 5 working days. 5 days without my laptop, I can't ughhh. I am now blogging trough my phone. Thank god my phone is a mega size phone. So, it's easy for me to type and see what I'm writing. I don't have to squeeze my eyes to read. Its just fine as it is. I love you, mega ♡


#the eyebrows woot woot 

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