Sunday, May 25, 2014

Welcome back !

My baby acer is back home :) Welcome home, I miss you so much. I've been miserable without you. I can't watch my favourite movies, I can't write in my blog, I can't tumblr and I can't do many things without you. Thank God, you here now. I love you :3

So, today I went to two places; Low Yat Plaza and Putrajaya. There's me, Jan, Aely, Ejat and Fahim. All five of us hang out for the first time ever since. . well, I don't know. . high school maybe ? Oho, it's has been such a long time. We're that kinda high schools buddies that like to discover new things and cause trouble a lot. That was when we're all at the age of sixteen. Ahh, good old time. 

After picking you up, acer, we went straight to Purajaya; for the Belia Festival and Jom Heboh. It was so crowded with cars, big loud motorcycles and peoples. It was hard for us to find a parking spot too. After walking and walking with exhausted and tired feeling, we decided to head to Alamanda shopping mall because that's where the cold air is.

I didn't even buy anything at the festival because the heat was getting into me. Though, I did found the insta shop that I've been following at my instagram. There was a lot of pretty clothes but unfortunately I can't afford to buy another piece of clothes as I'm saving my money for my next sem fees. Uhuhuhuhu

I did bought two books at Alamanda MPH. Both are horror-ish kinda book. I can't wait to read them both! 

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