Friday, May 30, 2014

Bedroom sucks

School holidays are in and my holiday is coming to an end. Finally the results are out. My CGPA drop from 3.25 to 3.18. Hemm. I got 4 A's and 2 C's. I hate those two C's. Thankfully I didn't fail any paper or retake any subject. 

The past 3 weeks have been boring for me. I just stayed home a lot. Not to say spending my time a lot with the family but I just stay put in my room doing my stuff. Gosh, I really wish my room have a real window; where when it's morning the sunlight will go in through the window and shine your morning, where I can open up and feel the morning breeze and fresh cold air. Gosh, that'd be heaven for me. 

Unfortunately, I don't have proper windows in my rooms. My dad design the house with just two bedroom and then expand the house when we got a younger brother. So, he add another room just at the back of my room. How should I put this . . they made another kitchen and through that new kitchen, you can go to the other new room. Basically, my bedroom is surrounded by kitchen and two rooms. My room is in the middle of the house. That sucks. 

Right now, my room is ugly. It's painted with a splat of yellow and the rest is just the old pink colour. I wanna paint the room and have black curtains with white bed sheet. Yeah, I will do that :) !!

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