Sunday, May 18, 2014

Superb Saturday

Its 1 o'clock in the morning and here I am siting in front of my laptop trying my best to write this post. My eyes are kinda hurting me because I've been wearing my spec too long for today; the longest time ever! 

Yesterday was Saturday and I didn't stayed at home. My sisters got an award for doing their best in the big exams. So, my family attended the award ceremony. I was there too. I came along because I miss my school and I want to see them; to breathe the air of the place which I used to study and play around, ahhh memories. 

I really wish to stumble into my classmates but non showed up. Well, of course they didn't come because it was none of their business unless they have a sister like me to get award or something but nahhh. No classmates but one friend did notice me. I don't really remember his name but I think it's Arif Amarudin. Heh, I don't know if I spell it right. It was nice talking to him, getting to know how he was. Good old friend. Though, my juniors were happy to see me. I'm really proud of them. Look at them, getting award and stuff. Back at the old days, they were just a bunch of troubles and so hard for me to handle but now I think they look smart :)

I met my used-to-be classroom teacher and gosh, she stills has that cheerful kinda vibe. We talk a bit about schools and my classmates and all. It was so nice meeting her after 2 years finished from high school. When I was her student, I thought she looks tall, I mean taller than me but look at the picture ! We're equal haha. 

Anyway, congrats my sisters for being smart and scored well in the big exam. I'm proud of you guys :) Heh, I looked wicked in this picture, wearing all black and stuff. 

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