Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Korean Drama // I'm in love again

I'm blogging using my sister's new Lenovo laptop as mine is still at the shop. 

So, today I didn't do nothing much. I spent all my afternoon, evening and night watching this one Korean drama; Full House Take 2. I fell in love again with kdrama :) I have a bunch of kdrama in my laptop. Some of it I downloaded myself and some of it are from my friends. I've been wanting to watch all the drama during this sem break but my laptop have to be sent away. Too bad for me. But not too bad actually. I can watch it online of course ! 

Full House Take 2


I just love love Won Kang-hwi (Park Ki Woong)
First of all, he's blonde. I have a major like to blonde guys. I don't know why :) If the blonde fits you well, then I'll like you immediately. I love his face and his smile. By just looking his face smiling, I'll just scream and blush to myself. Ahh why he have to be like that; looking all good and blonde, I just want to . . ahhhh ! His character in this drama is so carefree and fun. If I could, I want to be his friend. Ah no, no, not just a friend ahhh I don't know. Just writing about him makes me excited !


I really hate Lee Tae-ik's and Jang Man-ok's hairs
I'm currently at episode 20 and I really hope they change Man-ok's hair in the later episode. Why do they have to make her hair looks like that ? It's ugly and makes her age more than her own age. For Tae-ik's, until this current episode, I much more prefer his hair to be straight rather than being curly-wurly. 


The annoying Jin Se-ryung and bad guy LJ 
Jin Se-ryung; she really knows how to make people annoyed with her attitude. She's bossy and always think she can get whatever she wants. She keeps mentioning "yes, it's me. World star Jin Se-ryung" blergh world star my ass. As if anyone would care. That LJ guy, he's the director of the company or what ahh I don't know but what I know I really don't like that guy. He just do whatever he likes without even asking the people that's involve. That's just rude ! 

Whatever it is, I really hope that Man-ok ends up with Kang-hwi but I know that's not gonna happen because based on my 20 episode of observation, I think Man-ok likes Tae-ik. Haish, why him ? Don't you see Kang-hwi is more fun to be with uhuhuhhuhu. Haaaa ~~, I want to continue the next episode. Kang-hwi :)


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