Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mon Amour ♡

Dear my love,
please know that I love you so much
and how much I miss spending my night stargazing with you
although we're far apart now but I hope we'll do just fine
even though we can't meet each other but we'll make it work
though skype is the only way I can see your face
and calling you every night is the only way I can hear your voice
but there's nothing much better than being with you all the time
it's nice to stick around with you
I wonder when is the time we can meet up
to have our next date, I can't wait for that
take care of yourself sayang
and I promise you, I'll take care of myself too

I miss you yesterday
I miss you today
I miss you tomorrow
I miss you now
I miss you always
I just really miss you, sayang

*hugs and kisses

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Movie // Monte Carlo

Oh yes, I just finish watching this movie
I feel like travelling now :*

Being able to work when you're still a student is what I really want to do. That's Grace. She save up all her money so that she'll be able to fly to Paris and have the best time of her life there. Unfortunately the vacation sucks and eventually ended up faking herself. She's having the time of someone else's life. 

This movie brought me to Paris, Monte Carlo. 

Gosh, I need a map !
Where's Monte Carlo anyway ?

That's it ! I'm gonna save up as much as I can. When the money has piled up, I'll go to Paris, Monte Carlo and wherever I can go. And I shall go with the one I love. That's for sure. I don't know if it's still gonna be you sayang but I hope so and I'll make sure of that. 

"les gens changent" people do change
- Monte Carlo - 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Movie // The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

I just finish watching this movie
It was a great movie I tell you

I had it with me for a long time and I just watched it now. I took the movie from a friend and it's all because Emma Watson is in it. So, I was hoping for some British accent in her but nope. She talks normal English. Judging from the internet, I thought this movie was boring. Well, that was before I watch it but it turns out to be a nice movie to watch. 

Among all the characters, I love Patrick the most.

Although he's kinda gay, well he is actually but I still like him.

I like his energy. He's like the person I wanna go if I'm feeling sad and I think by seeing him will cheer me up. He's so alive. If I could, I wanna be friend with Patrick because he's fun and I like fun.

I feel sorry for Charlie and somehow in some way I feel like I can relate to him. That feeling when you're new and don't know who to talk to. When you wanted something but you're not sure the right thing to do. Instead, you just ignore your feeling and pretend it is just fine without it. I know that feeling. 

"Why do I and everyone I love pick people who treat us like we're nothing?"
"We accept the love we think we deserve"
- The Perks Of Being A Wallflower -

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ce que je ressens

black hair, blue, blue eyes, eyes, face, frail

Ce que je ressens What I feel.

I don't usually talk to people about my problem. I never did. It's not because I don't have any friends, it's just that I'm not comfortable sharing my emotion. my sadness with other people. Kinda embarrass too actually. Whenever I feel sad or upset, I'll just go into my room and start crying. Just sitting on the floor alone and sink deep into my sadness. 

I'm the kind of girl who listen to people so well. My friends always told me I'm naive. Even my boyfriend notice that too. He kept telling me that I can't stand on my own. I do realize that I can't make my own decision and I tend to follow what other people thinks of me. 

Sometimes I feel like I'm too weak. No, I am WEAK. People tends to order me around because I'm easy. I don't mind helping others because they need help. It's not a wrong thing to do. I just wanna help. But all my friends see is me being an easy target to do stuff for other people. I always look willingly to do something for other people. That's why I'm the naive girl.

Making decision is hard for me because I have to think what other people is gonna think if I take any sudden action. I always think about other before doing something. I'd rather sacrifice my happiness just to make others happy. But in the end, I suffer everything inside, deep in my heart. I cry so that I can see other people's happiness. I thought I'm gonna be fine but no. It was never fine. It hurts me, a lot. But I don't mind as long as they're happy.

And now, I don't know if I'm still the naive girl or a new girl. I'm still searching of what I've lost that I don't even know what it is. 

Maybe courage is what I need 
The courage to speak up for myself 
The courage to stand up for myself

The world is cruel sometimes. You just don't realize it 
When you're too nice, people take advantage on you 
When you're bad, people will keep their distance away from you  

Mon Blog Et Tumblr

Just spending my lazy Saturday night customizing and editing both my blog and tumblr. Do follow my tumblr. I like to reblog random stuff. Ehh, it's Sunday already ahh ? I didn't realize. Probably busy with all the editing. Sunday is my favourite day. Yeay, Sunday ! Hoping for a better Sunday today. Ahh, my blog looks so innocent :* and I love it !
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Friday, June 21, 2013

61 Reasons Why I Love You

It has been two months I'm with you sayang and thank you for still having me. Although we haven't meet in such a long time; a month and a half I guess but I really hope we can make it work even though we're far apart. You're in Gombak and I'm here in Sepang. Well, it's not that far but we just don't have the time to meet up. Actually I'm the one who have trouble to go out. You know my parents, always concern about me. I want to call you today to tell you what day is today but I know your phone just broke down. That sucks ! Hurry up fix your phone sayang ! So that I can call you. I miss you. I miss you today. I miss you tomorrow. I miss you everyday. I miss you all the time whenever you're not in front of me. 

It's been 61 days we've been together and for that, I want to tell you 61 reasons why I love you. Here, in my blog. So that you can read it sayang mihihihi :)

  1. Your hugs, especially from the back.
  2. You like to play with my nose.
  3. The way you worry about me.
  4. Seeing you smile always puts me in a happy mood.
  5. The way you view love and having a girlfriend.
  6. Your honesty.
  7. You're not funny but you amuse me in some way. I like that :)
  8. The way you call me 'sayang' hehe. 
  9. You make me want to be a better person.
  10. The things you do to make sure I'm safe.
  11. "Mmm-hmm Mmm-hmm" haha.
  12. A gentleman sometimes. 
  13. You trust me with your secrets.
  14. You're protective.
  15. Your small eyes -_- 
  16. Late night calls.
  17. Even though you're tired but you still wanna call me just to hear my voice.
  18. Your voice, especially when you just woke up.
  19. You appreciate all the little things.
  20. You love kids and good with them too.
  21. You care about your family and friends.
  22. Sometimes you're very sweet.
  23. You love me a lot and you show it.
  24. You're simple.
  25. You complete me.
  26. You want to grow old with me and I do too. Really :)
  27. You tell me to do what's right.
  28. You like to listen to all my drama even though sometimes I'm being kinda weird.
  29. You always ask me what I like rather than choosing on your own.
  30. You thanked me because I made you happy as for being your girlfriend. 
  31. You know how to drive.
  32. You are taller than me.
  33. You like to look me in the eyes even though you know I can't stand it.
  34. You make me happy
  35. You are my one and only boyfriend !
  36. The effort that you made when you're trying to speak in English with me.
  37. When you tell me you love me. 
  38. You tell me that I'm cute.
  39. When you stare at me and try to kiss me *shy*
  40. You like my weirdness.
  41. You like my drama.
  42. I'm comfortable with you.
  43. Humble.
  44. You pushes me to be a better person.
  45. You know all the right things to say.
  46. You want the best for me.
  47. Your hands perfectly fit mine. 
  48. How cute when you pouts.
  49. How you always supports me.
  50. You love the way I sing Thrift Shop song, the 'motherfucker' part.
  51. I love to cuddle with you.
  52. You call me darling sometimes. Other time you call me 'laling' and I call you back 'lalang' hehe.
  53. You work hard.
  54. You accept me for who I am.
  55. You want kids.
  56. You get jealous when I'm talking about my guy friends.
  57. The way you play with my hair. 
  58. I love it when we sing One Thing when we're on the phone together.
  59. You love me with all your heart.
  60. I love that you're a positive person.
  61. You're the best boyfriend I've ever had and I love you because of that :)
Just promise me to never leave me. I love you so much and I really don't want to lose you. I miss you sayang *hugs and kisses* 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Hello, boyfriend :)

amor, boy, boy and girl, boyfriends

Yes, hello boyfriend ! 
I have a boyfriend, hamagaddd !!
How should I start the story ? Hmm . . 

He is tall but not too much. I like it when he smiles, somehow seeing his smile makes me happy in the inside. He's not that funny but he amuse me and I like him just like that. He's too kind for me and cares about me a lot. I thank him for that. We started dating in April and became official on 21st April 2013. It has been almost two month of this relationship. At first it was awkward being someone else girlfriend because this is like my first time getting a real boyfriend. Not like the past boyfriends' that I had back then. That, it was just for fun but I guess this is the real thing. I really hope we could last longer. I can never picture us separating, leaving each other. That'll be so sad and I really don't wanna go under that situation. Thinking about it just makes me sad. 

I wanna talk more about him but this I'm tired and it's already midnight now. Well, this is just the introduction. I'll talk more about him later. There's so many to talk about. I will :)

p/s : sayang, are you reading this ? mihihi you kan suka tengok blog I kan kan kan. I dah update and it's about you but sikit je laa :3