Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mon Amour ♡

Dear my love,
please know that I love you so much
and how much I miss spending my night stargazing with you
although we're far apart now but I hope we'll do just fine
even though we can't meet each other but we'll make it work
though skype is the only way I can see your face
and calling you every night is the only way I can hear your voice
but there's nothing much better than being with you all the time
it's nice to stick around with you
I wonder when is the time we can meet up
to have our next date, I can't wait for that
take care of yourself sayang
and I promise you, I'll take care of myself too

I miss you yesterday
I miss you today
I miss you tomorrow
I miss you now
I miss you always
I just really miss you, sayang

*hugs and kisses

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