Friday, June 21, 2013

61 Reasons Why I Love You

It has been two months I'm with you sayang and thank you for still having me. Although we haven't meet in such a long time; a month and a half I guess but I really hope we can make it work even though we're far apart. You're in Gombak and I'm here in Sepang. Well, it's not that far but we just don't have the time to meet up. Actually I'm the one who have trouble to go out. You know my parents, always concern about me. I want to call you today to tell you what day is today but I know your phone just broke down. That sucks ! Hurry up fix your phone sayang ! So that I can call you. I miss you. I miss you today. I miss you tomorrow. I miss you everyday. I miss you all the time whenever you're not in front of me. 

It's been 61 days we've been together and for that, I want to tell you 61 reasons why I love you. Here, in my blog. So that you can read it sayang mihihihi :)

  1. Your hugs, especially from the back.
  2. You like to play with my nose.
  3. The way you worry about me.
  4. Seeing you smile always puts me in a happy mood.
  5. The way you view love and having a girlfriend.
  6. Your honesty.
  7. You're not funny but you amuse me in some way. I like that :)
  8. The way you call me 'sayang' hehe. 
  9. You make me want to be a better person.
  10. The things you do to make sure I'm safe.
  11. "Mmm-hmm Mmm-hmm" haha.
  12. A gentleman sometimes. 
  13. You trust me with your secrets.
  14. You're protective.
  15. Your small eyes -_- 
  16. Late night calls.
  17. Even though you're tired but you still wanna call me just to hear my voice.
  18. Your voice, especially when you just woke up.
  19. You appreciate all the little things.
  20. You love kids and good with them too.
  21. You care about your family and friends.
  22. Sometimes you're very sweet.
  23. You love me a lot and you show it.
  24. You're simple.
  25. You complete me.
  26. You want to grow old with me and I do too. Really :)
  27. You tell me to do what's right.
  28. You like to listen to all my drama even though sometimes I'm being kinda weird.
  29. You always ask me what I like rather than choosing on your own.
  30. You thanked me because I made you happy as for being your girlfriend. 
  31. You know how to drive.
  32. You are taller than me.
  33. You like to look me in the eyes even though you know I can't stand it.
  34. You make me happy
  35. You are my one and only boyfriend !
  36. The effort that you made when you're trying to speak in English with me.
  37. When you tell me you love me. 
  38. You tell me that I'm cute.
  39. When you stare at me and try to kiss me *shy*
  40. You like my weirdness.
  41. You like my drama.
  42. I'm comfortable with you.
  43. Humble.
  44. You pushes me to be a better person.
  45. You know all the right things to say.
  46. You want the best for me.
  47. Your hands perfectly fit mine. 
  48. How cute when you pouts.
  49. How you always supports me.
  50. You love the way I sing Thrift Shop song, the 'motherfucker' part.
  51. I love to cuddle with you.
  52. You call me darling sometimes. Other time you call me 'laling' and I call you back 'lalang' hehe.
  53. You work hard.
  54. You accept me for who I am.
  55. You want kids.
  56. You get jealous when I'm talking about my guy friends.
  57. The way you play with my hair. 
  58. I love it when we sing One Thing when we're on the phone together.
  59. You love me with all your heart.
  60. I love that you're a positive person.
  61. You're the best boyfriend I've ever had and I love you because of that :)
Just promise me to never leave me. I love you so much and I really don't want to lose you. I miss you sayang *hugs and kisses* 

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