Monday, June 10, 2013

Hello, boyfriend :)

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Yes, hello boyfriend ! 
I have a boyfriend, hamagaddd !!
How should I start the story ? Hmm . . 

He is tall but not too much. I like it when he smiles, somehow seeing his smile makes me happy in the inside. He's not that funny but he amuse me and I like him just like that. He's too kind for me and cares about me a lot. I thank him for that. We started dating in April and became official on 21st April 2013. It has been almost two month of this relationship. At first it was awkward being someone else girlfriend because this is like my first time getting a real boyfriend. Not like the past boyfriends' that I had back then. That, it was just for fun but I guess this is the real thing. I really hope we could last longer. I can never picture us separating, leaving each other. That'll be so sad and I really don't wanna go under that situation. Thinking about it just makes me sad. 

I wanna talk more about him but this I'm tired and it's already midnight now. Well, this is just the introduction. I'll talk more about him later. There's so many to talk about. I will :)

p/s : sayang, are you reading this ? mihihi you kan suka tengok blog I kan kan kan. I dah update and it's about you but sikit je laa :3

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