Thursday, March 29, 2012

cooking lesson #1 with mom


just having a simple evening watching the television. mom asked about dinner and told me that i should cook dinner then. well, i'm a bit excited ! my first ever cooking lesson with mom. yay me ! i will do my best. mom suggested we cook noodles. fried spicy noodles. great ! i love noodles. i always eat the noodles that mom made it but doesn't even bother to know how did she made it so delicious ! cooking lesson #1 begins.

- 2 pack of noodles 
- red small red onion
- garlic
- blended red chili
- salt
- meatball etc. ( already half fried )
- egg
- oil
- soy sauce

- boil the noodles
- chop the onion and garlic ( one onion and one segment of garlic )
   then mash them together
- heat up the oil
- brown the mash onion + garlic
- then, insert 4 big spoon of blended chili
- a little bit of salt
- eggs go in
- put in the meatball etc.
- put in the noodles
- a little bit of sweet taste, put in soy sauce
- cook until it is cook

the result  . . . 

well, the picture doesn't look tasty enough but at least i try ! i am proud of myself :D

while blogging this, i did a GIF image. here my first ever GIF image. it's from the video BLUE - BIG BANG COVER CONTEST. the guy that's walking is David from StillNotDavid. still remember him ? i've posted about him before. click here


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Friday, March 23, 2012

Korean Drama // Dream High 2 Sundong #1



cute expression, Sundong

Korean Drama // Dream High 2 couple Uibong ♥ Seul #1









Uibong expression (ノ)

Korean Drama // Dream High 2 Jiyeon - Rian #2





Korean Drama // Dream High 2 Couple Nana ♥ Siwoo





Korean Drama // Dream High 2 Hyorin - Nana #1



aww, look at the face :D

Korean Drama // Dream High 2 Jiyeon - Rian #1







i adore her, so what ?!

exploring BANTING

yup ! that is Banting. the nearest town. not far from home ( looks kinda old ) 

well, this morning i woke up at about 7.30 am in the morning. such a refreshing morning. mom was getting ready to go to work but not dad. today, dad and me spent almost the whole morning at Banting. grab breakfast at McDonald's. i have myself pancakes, mash brown ( i think it's fish, well i do enjoyed it because i   fish ) . the pancakes . . well i gotta say i don't like em' . now i know that i don't want to ordered it again for breakfast.

then headed to the bank, stop by the shoes shop and watch shop. dad needs to buy batteries for his watch and something about my brother's shoes. yeah, i don't really care. then, to the other bank. while dad at the other bank, i went to CARINE CHIA ( its a shop where sells stationary, beauty stuff, mugs, teddy bears and etc. ) to buy something. actually i'm not planning to buy anything at CARINE CHIA but my feet dragged me there. i was planning to buy a long skirt but there's none at Banting ( none of them are attractive ) hopeless Banting ~ while at CARINE CHIA, i grabbed a few things that could be useful to me or not to useful.

i bought thing because of Bubz. i read her website about this thing and it supposed to help to reduce blackheads and cleanses the face effectively without scratching the skin.

i don't have one. so bought it without hesitation ( i'm a growing up girl trying to figure out makeup )

manicure thingy 

nose mask, blue t-shirt and pajama pants ( <-- is it called that? i'll only use the pants at night )

that is all. i don't carry much money at that time. where do think i got money from ? my parents of course :) thanks MY PARENTS  

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


asian, girl, kpop, photography 

recently i bought shoes at an online shop at facebook. i was supposed to receive it last week but it got delayed and turn out the shoes came today. i was like so happy when the delivery guy come. smiling all the way to get the shoes. but then i got totally frustrated ! really upset ! when i tried to fit my feet into it, it got stuck. OH MY JIMMY CHOO ! the shoes are too small, not too small just that it was small. my feet got cramped into that shoes. I AM UPSET !!!

such a lovely shoes !

Sunday, March 18, 2012

youtube walking


lately i've been at youtube searching for some new channel. new videos to watch instead of Rikehtube and Bubbiosity. some info, Bubbiosity and Rikehtube currently editing their new video. so, i can wait for the newest video. jyeah, i found a few channels and apparently all of them are guys ! and asian ! i dunno why buy i'm so into asian guys. they looks cute in many way. no matter what they do, they seem very cute and i like it . here the list of the new channel that amused me !

          1. YoshiEatsWasabi

his name is Yoshi Shirogawa ? i guess. i don't really remember. but it sounds the same. 
                              1. he's funny
                              2. good looking 
                              3. Japanese
                              4. my kinda type

          2. mychonny

i dunno his name but he call himself chonny. so, i called him chonny. ASIAN dudes ! but beware of the language. don't use it at home.

                              1. he is totally hilarious !
                              2. chubby face :D

          3. StillNotDavid

he reminds me of a friend. i mean, the look, his face, the complexion, body type. exactly just like my friend. its just that, David is much more better looking than him. hehehe. sorry A <-- that is my friend. the name start with letter A.

                              1. he cute 
                              2. he's tall
                              3. he sings
                              4. great voice 

# check out the Big Bang Cover Contest that he and his friend enters. currently now they rank at number 4. awesome !

later ~

Saturday, March 17, 2012

enjoying Friday night


this is so not how i picture to spend my Friday night. totally not. well, maybe a bit XD

click Youtube > go to Rikehtube > watch all his hilarious videos. now i'm happy and still feeling funny ? is funny a feeling ? i dunno how to describe myself in this ticklish condition. i just love all his funny videos. i makes me happy when i'm sad. he made me smile (◕‿◕) i can't wait for his next video that i dunno when. i just have to wait. i've already subscribed to him. 

here the list of the videos

          1. The Real Bubzbeauty
          4. Asian Geeks !
          6. The Real Bromance!
          7. why guys should not cook

it's 1:15 am in the morning and my eyes is getting smaller and smaller. i know what that means. " I SHOULD BE IN BED HAVING A SWEET DREAM ! ". ouh, while 'walking' around in the FACEBOOK, i spot a few form 5 ( 2012) pictures of SMKB. some of the senior students of SMKB <-- (my used to be high school) how come they can go picnic during their big exam year ? back at my time, we didn't even had time to hangout. unlike them, having picnic and all. its making me **** !!! how could they. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

more one direction ツ

fit, harry styles, hot, liam payne, louis tomlinson

after watching the music video, i found their behind the scene of "what makes you beautiful" music video. these guys looks hilarious. quite charming at a certain angle. now i'm adoring HARRY, LOUIS and NIALL.

           HARRY - great voice -> i wish he would sing a song for me.
           LOUIS - funny -> i wish i can be friend with him (which is so impossible)
           NIALL - blonde -> no wish. i'm just attracted to blonde guys and he is blonde.

behind the scene

what makes you beautiful ?

song of the week One Direction - what makes you beautiful

bench, girl, green, headphones, music, park

for the last month, people keep talking about One Direction. i was curious to know, "who are those people ?". so, surfed the internet and watch their music video "what makes you beautiful" with ANGAH and on the spot fell in love with them. i am so slow. well, currently loving this song. this is the first song i hear and now i'm loving it. i'm not their biggest fan or anything. i just love to hear "what makes you beautiful". ouh, and i kinda like HARRY. heeee . . well, you cannot love the song without adoring the singer, right ? i mean, he is so cute and the voice is so nice to hear. i wish he could sing a song for me (ノ◕ヮ◕) that would be nice. but then again, i think, "for what adoring HARRY, he doesn't even know you exist !" so, now i don't know if i still adores him or not ?

just enjoy the music video

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

creepy nightmare


i am totally late for my big exam. while in a hurry, i realize that my school uniform is still not iron. the clock is ticking very fast. it's already 8 am. what am i suppose to do ? the exam probably have already start and i'm still at home. ahh ! panic attack ! ! ! suddenly, 

"ouh ! i already take the SPM exam. no need to rush. your time in high school is way past already" , silly me. 

so, headed to the mall with my ANGAH, the cousin, AQIL also my dad. my dad drove us with his exora straight to the mall. it was so crowded. found the perfect parking spot. quickly headed towards the mall. then dad forgot something and i volunteer to take it for him. make my way back to the parking lot. hmm. .  weird. 

"why i'm in the middle of nowhere". i turned around, "where is the mall has gone". 

saw a few people were gathering around. don't care at all. in my mind, 

"where is the car anyway ?", 

then saw some patrol guy. headed towards them when suddenly 

"OMG ! is that a SNAKE ! yikes !" 

but it doesn't   bother me at all. it just go straight toward to the crowded people and its heading to a lady and its BITING HER !!!. i am startled. . .shocked . . 

"it could have been me and the people just ignoring the lady ! what's wrong with these people ?

i panic ! i don't know what to do. just stand there watching the lady got bit by a big long snake. scares me a lot ! then, the a women try to kick the snake. she was all in red. the snake bit her. i'm totally shaking back there.


haaaa ! ! . . it was just a dream. a nightmare i guess. about snake. i was sweating after that dream. woke up at 8 am after that terrifying horror.