Friday, March 23, 2012

exploring BANTING

yup ! that is Banting. the nearest town. not far from home ( looks kinda old ) 

well, this morning i woke up at about 7.30 am in the morning. such a refreshing morning. mom was getting ready to go to work but not dad. today, dad and me spent almost the whole morning at Banting. grab breakfast at McDonald's. i have myself pancakes, mash brown ( i think it's fish, well i do enjoyed it because i   fish ) . the pancakes . . well i gotta say i don't like em' . now i know that i don't want to ordered it again for breakfast.

then headed to the bank, stop by the shoes shop and watch shop. dad needs to buy batteries for his watch and something about my brother's shoes. yeah, i don't really care. then, to the other bank. while dad at the other bank, i went to CARINE CHIA ( its a shop where sells stationary, beauty stuff, mugs, teddy bears and etc. ) to buy something. actually i'm not planning to buy anything at CARINE CHIA but my feet dragged me there. i was planning to buy a long skirt but there's none at Banting ( none of them are attractive ) hopeless Banting ~ while at CARINE CHIA, i grabbed a few things that could be useful to me or not to useful.

i bought thing because of Bubz. i read her website about this thing and it supposed to help to reduce blackheads and cleanses the face effectively without scratching the skin.

i don't have one. so bought it without hesitation ( i'm a growing up girl trying to figure out makeup )

manicure thingy 

nose mask, blue t-shirt and pajama pants ( <-- is it called that? i'll only use the pants at night )

that is all. i don't carry much money at that time. where do think i got money from ? my parents of course :) thanks MY PARENTS  

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