Tuesday, March 6, 2012

creepy nightmare


i am totally late for my big exam. while in a hurry, i realize that my school uniform is still not iron. the clock is ticking very fast. it's already 8 am. what am i suppose to do ? the exam probably have already start and i'm still at home. ahh ! panic attack ! ! ! suddenly, 

"ouh ! i already take the SPM exam. no need to rush. your time in high school is way past already" , silly me. 

so, headed to the mall with my ANGAH, the cousin, AQIL also my dad. my dad drove us with his exora straight to the mall. it was so crowded. found the perfect parking spot. quickly headed towards the mall. then dad forgot something and i volunteer to take it for him. make my way back to the parking lot. hmm. .  weird. 

"why i'm in the middle of nowhere". i turned around, "where is the mall has gone". 

saw a few people were gathering around. don't care at all. in my mind, 

"where is the car anyway ?", 

then saw some patrol guy. headed towards them when suddenly 

"OMG ! is that a SNAKE ! yikes !" 

but it doesn't   bother me at all. it just go straight toward to the crowded people and its heading to a lady and its BITING HER !!!. i am startled. . .shocked . . 

"it could have been me and the people just ignoring the lady ! what's wrong with these people ?

i panic ! i don't know what to do. just stand there watching the lady got bit by a big long snake. scares me a lot ! then, the a women try to kick the snake. she was all in red. the snake bit her. i'm totally shaking back there.


haaaa ! ! . . it was just a dream. a nightmare i guess. about snake. i was sweating after that dream. woke up at 8 am after that terrifying horror. 

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