Tuesday, December 27, 2011

iCITY is so boring

                  nothing much to do when your at the iCITY Shah Alam maybe because it is newly open. my dad suddenly take us there last night. it is such a surprise for me and my sisters because we have always wanted to go there with the family its just that my parents seems doesn't have the time.

               we were so anxious and full of excitement. but at the end, we felt like going home after that. it was so crowded with people. i know it was supposed to be crowded but i hate it because there was nothing to do there. it was also hard to find place to eat. the only place was just KFC. and so many people were in there.

                trust me. if you want to go to iCITY, go after 3 years. at that time i think the iCITY will be much  better i guess and hope so.

my cute hyperactive cousin

name: aiman
age: 7 years old (2012)
lives in: Bukit Changgang
relationship: little cousin
power: quick learner 
weakness: will cry if doesn't get what he want

                yesterday, my relatives came to visit. they came in the afternoon. just the right time for lunch which we, my family and i, have prepared. i think that was a busy day for me and my family. we prepared a variety of meal for them.

                 my dad was very busy with his dish. actually i don't know what was the dish's name. all that i know that there were a lot of meat in there and it was spicy a bit but like it. at the end, everyone loves the meals that we have prepared. good job for our teamwork.

                 since you have notice Aiman's picture above but still nothing about him in this post. well, what i'm about to tell you is something . . . is not a secret but it's just what i think about him. i think he is just a playful kid but super hyperactive

                at his age, he is able to read clearly and fast for which i think is not normal for kid at his age. well, i think he is going to be a smart kid when he enters the school next year and really hope that the teachers can handle him very well.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

congratulation !

                    to Nurul Syahirah Jaffril, congratulation ! i just hope that you will be more successful in form 4 next year. nothing much to write actually because i did predict that she will get 8 A's for PMR. she's a smart girl of course and she's my sister. no! my smart sister and i'm proud of her ^.^

not forgetting SMK Banting for getting the most straight A's student for PMR this year in Kuala Langat. 65 students got straight A's. good job

the principal's big smile :)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

dad's convocation day

                    this is my dad. he will turn 45 next year. i would like to congrats him because he manage to get his  diploma in Safety and Health. . something late this afternoon. only my mom got to see him on stage. me, my sisters and little brother didn't got a chance to watch him because we have to stay outside of the hall. a bit disappointed.

                  after three hours waiting outside, finally the convocation was over. i am so relieved, tired and obviously hungry. we hadn't had our lunch yet but it's almost 4pm. can you imagine how hungry we were?  

Friday, December 16, 2011

job hunting at KLIA

date:15 DECEMBER 2011

"hello, Miss. .we are wondering if there is any jobs for us here at the store ?"

"okey, please fill up this form first and send it back to me :)"

"okey !"

"here you go"

"thank you. for now you just have to wait for us to call you for interviews. you may go now"

1.D'trendz  ( / )
2.Secret Recipe ( / )
3.book shop ( / )
4.restaurant ( / )
5.Wafada Sdn.Bhd ( / )

                  unfortunately right now, i don't feel like to work. dad also doesn't encourage me to work. i've talk to him about this. 

"why do you go to KLIA this morning ?"

"my friend, Mimi, asked me to come along to find some job"

"well, did you get any ?"

"i don't know yet. i fill up the form they gave me and they said they will call for interviews"

"why do you want to work so badly ?"

"well, the main reason is i need money"

"why ?"

"what if i want to hang out with my friend but i don't have any money to spend ?"

"that's why i need money. i know you can't give much money"

"who says i can't. i f you want to hang out and need money, i'll just give it to you"

"is not like you're going to hang out everyday, right ?"

"you will ?! well that's great. okay then"

"i've made my decision. i don't want to work !"

so i guess i'm not working then. i'm just going to live my life happily :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

freedom from SPM at last !

                    when the last paper of SPM ended, i don't know how to react. i felt empty in myself. all my friends were like crazy happy but me. . just packing up my stuff and get ready to go home. just like usual school day. as if there was nothing big is happening. all that i saw was they were screaming happily but as for me. . i'm clueless. 

                       whatever it is, i know i don't want to be stuck at home. i must get a job. seriously i must. i'm thinking KLIA maybe. hmmm if i get a job. if not, i don't know. recently my family pet a turtle but he still haven't  got any name yet. i just hope that Mr. Turtle will live long ^.^

this my pet, Mr. Turtle O__O

Friday, December 9, 2011

what will i do next . .

                  SPM is almost over and i don't know what to do next. mom won't allow me to work. i just don't want to be stuck at home making myself bigger day by day. i've been thinking these day. if i've got my driver's license but i have no car, was it worth it ? there just so much things to think and so many thing are going inside my head.

                if possible i don't want to work with great food surrounding me. all that i need at the work place is air-conditioner. am i to picky ? i guess so. but that's just who i am. just try to being myself not somebody else. i just can't work if the heat i s everwhere. i just can't stand the heat. 

            KLIA is the best place for me to find jobs there. but i don't know when i will be working. ahhhh! so much to think and it's hurting my mind. oh God ! please help me. i'm totally confused. okey. i don't think i want to think about right now. just forget about it. better think of Engineering Technology paper that awaits me on Wednesday. wish me a lot of luck :P

smile while you still can :)